Recession? Depression? …..OPPORTUNITY!

14 Questions To Help You Thrive In A Soft Economy

There is no doubt about it now, the economy is slowing down and people and businesses are starting to feel it.

During downturns, it is easy to focus on the negatives as it can feel like more work to earn the same amount. However, a period of contraction can serve as a healthy process that can cleanse and streamline your business. For those willing to distance themselves from the media and the “sky is falling” mentality, there is much opportunity for the enterprising individual.

The following are some questions to help stimulate thought to create positive change in your business, so when thing inevitably turn around, your business will be leaner and meaner than ever. .

  1. When was the last time I took a close look at my expenses?
  2. Where am I spending the most money?
  3. If I doubled the budget in any given category, how would it affect business?
  4. If I halved the budget in any given category, how would it affect business?
  5. What areas or systems require the most resources of the business?
  6. What areas or systems could be reorganized more efficiently?
  7. Who could you partner with or pool resources with to create efficiencies?
  8. What am I spending on marketing and advertising?
  9. How accountable are my marketing dollars for performance?
  10. Are there marketing dollars that are underperforming that I should cut off?
  11. Are there marketing dollars that are outperforming that deserve more resources?
  12. What are some ways that I can promote the business cheaply and/or free?
  13. How can I use this time to my advantage to grow the business?
  14. Are there people looking for work who could bring something of tremendous value to the business?

These are just a few questions to get the ball rolling. Many times its only when the right question is asked that the proper solution appears.

Feel free to post more ideas in the comments section.

We often only find what we look for. Stay positive and seek the opportunity. May your business thrive.

MAPP Tip of the Month

We are always seeking to push new ideas online for our Partners. One of our most recent is a new format that brings your MilitaryReward right to the front of your ad. It becomes your signpost and beacon that you are a military friendly business and tells the piece of your story that you want told!

Here is the new format for your ad when someone clicks for more information:

Energy Oasis Health Club and Day Spa

Military Reward!!

Military Pricing Single Membership - $50/month, $25-one time initiation fee (Savings of up to $100/year) Couple Membership - $80/month, $40-one time initiation fee (Savings of up to $250/year) Military Pricing for Spa Services upon Request

111 Market Street
Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324

So please keep those Rewards up to date and with the right message! How about a Veterans' Day recognition of some sort? Many veterans and especially families appreciate a business that takes the time to actually recognize veterans instead of just taking advantage of a sale for the day!

Featured MilitaryReward for November 2008

November's Featured MilitaryReward is from Texas! "Other Than Roses Photography" is based out of San Antonio. Their Reward featured offers for weddings and deployments and is aimed directly at their military audience's needs! This is one of the most critical criteria we use for selection! Thank you for your wonderful offer!

Other Than Roses Photography

Military Reward!!

*Active Duty Military Discount's available! - Getting Married? - Want Family Photos? Show your AD ID card and receive 20% any package/session price and 25% off any prints ordered! - Deploying? - Check out Operation Love Reunited at on how you can get a free photo session and a free photo album shipped to you at your deployed location.

You can see the "Other Than Roses Photography" Ad at Lackland AFB Photographers!

Do you see any Rewards that you think should be nominated? Please forward to us through Feedback and we will include them in next month's competition!

By the Numbers: Our Military Veteran

When someone mentions a Veteran what comes to mind? Your World War II Grandfather? The homeless Vietnam Veteran? An aging group of service-members tucked away in a government nursing home?

In fact, more than 25% of today's military-Veterans are under 50 years old and almost half are under 60. They are a loyal, growing population in your neighborhood. Make them a viable part of your business-plan.

Percent Distribution of Military Veterans by Age

Be sure to thank them with your words and actions this coming Veterans' Day and throughout the year!

Source: Department of Veterans Affairs - Veteran Population 2007

MilitaryAvenue Alerts--What they mean to you!

Staying ahead of the game is always a challenge in a fast moving world. In the information overload in which we sometimes find ourselves, we can miss critical information that is just there for the taking!

We created our Alerts system to help military families and personnel keep up with you, our Partners in an easy and simple manner! For those that sign up we now offer a system that delivers an email once a month to their inbox about their local installation with your most current Rewards on it! Here is a sample of what they see from Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio (click here to see the entire "Alert"):

- Col K and The Team at MilitaryAvenue

Supporting the Relocation, Travel and Lifestyle Needs of the American Military Family

Your Military Community: How To... is the street between your business and the military marketplace! In order to keep the path wide open we always need new and fresh ideas that appeal to both the military community and our Partners! We have a blog for military families, Our Letters to You, but realized that we were missing an opportunity to keep the Avenue wide open with you, our Partners, with a business oriented blog.

Why, "Your Military Community: How to..." as a title for this new blog? We want this blog to meet your needs and assist your marketing, your ad appeal, your outreach, your assistance to military families, tell your success stories to other businesses and basically: How to meet our partner needs while they assist military family members and personnel with their services and products.

In the future we intend to write from our personal experiences; include some demographic information; explain how to target the military audience; update you on changes on MilitaryAvenue that help us grow and increase your ad visits which strengthens your sales and services.

We will share links to articles on the site and would like to have input from our Partners as well! If you would like to write or comment we would be sure to include your business information as well. We ask that you not use the blog as just an advertising opportunity but more of an educational effort and open forum. Tell us and the other partners "How to..." and we will share your information so we can all make MilitaryAvenue a better place and your business can be a military friendly face in the crowd for your military personnel and their families!

Col K and The Team at MilitaryAvenue

Supporting the Relocation, Travel and Lifestyle Needs of the American Military Family

October Military Reward of the Month

This month's featured Military Reward is given to:

The Inn at St Thomas Square
Panama City Beach, Florida
The Military Reward reads: 10% off nightly rates for any size condo at The Inn. Two night minimum stay required. Advance reservations required. Please mention coupon at time of booking.

Click here to view coupon featured at Panama City Naval Support Activity.

A special thanks to The Inn at St Thomas Square and all our MAPP partners for supporting the military with your Military Rewards.

We Thank Veterans Campaign

Next month is Veteran's Day and a great chance for you to note their sacrifices and protection of our great country. I decided to write early about it so you, our MilitaryAvenue Partners have time to prepare for this day of recognition for those who have frequently given so much for their country. Are you familiar with their issues and day to day lives? Many military families are operating with a second or third deployment over the holidays! Can you say "again"? They sure could use a simple "thank you" from all of us.

How about these ideas to jump start your recognition of Veteran's Day and making it something that makes veterans and their families feel appreciated?

  • How about a "Veterans, Thank You" sign on your door!
  • "Military Families are Loved Here" sign
  • Participate in a function on your nearby installation such as an Awards Program-contact the installation Public Affairs office for information
  • Sponsor the Veteran's Day parade and encourage others as well
  • Having a special event nearby that you are aware of? Send it to us for our Event Calendar so the new military families get the word about the local area
  • Know what is happening at the base/post/camp so you can let military personnel and their families know that you are aware of their issues
  • Have your sales staff made aware of military customers and task the staff to thank them for their service-ie. "We Thank Veterans"

To show our appreciation for your support to our veterans and their families we are having a "We Thank Veterans Campaign" until November 11th! Make the promise to thank veterans and we will offer you a ten percent (10%) discount on any upgrades with the discount code, "VETERANS". Log in to your account and build your upgrade! During checkout enter the discount code and it will be automatically discounted and your ad year starts again! Thank you!

- Colonel Dale A. Kissinger (Ret.)

Supporting the Relocation, Travel and Lifestyle Needs of the American Military Family

By the Numbers: The Veteran Population

As you begin to plan how you & your business are going to honor the Veterans in your community in November take these numbers into consideration...

There are about 23.8 million living veterans, 7.5% of whom are women. There are about 37 million dependents (spouses and dependent children) of living veterans and survivors of deceased veterans. Together they represent 20% of the US population.

In 2007, the median age of all living veterans was 60 years old, 61 for men and 47 for women. Median ages by period of service: Gulf War, 37 years old; Vietnam War, 60; Korean War, 76; and WW II 84.

Sixty percent (60%) of the nation's veterans live in urban areas. States with the largest veteran population are CA, FL, TX, PA, NY and OH, respectively. These six states account for about 36% of the total veteran population.

*Source Department of Veteran Affairs

Profiting In Crisis

DOW down 400 points, DOW up 500 points, DOW down 777 points.

If you have watched TV or read any newspapers lately, it's hard to escape the talk of the turmoil in the financial markets. While these events are significant and deserve a certain degree of our respect and attention, they can also be distracting.

While they can be distracting, crises can also represent tremendous opportunity. When everyone else is losing their heads you can gain ground.

Each of us has a circle of influence. At the center of the circle are things we have the greatest influence over and at the outer edges are the areas we have the least control over. The mistake that many make during times of crisis is to focus their attention on the things they have the least control over.

This diffuses their thoughts and energies from areas of productivity. When their attention leaves areas of productivity, their situation worsens and then they have more "evidence" for how bad things are. This causes them more stress, feeding even more into the crisis mind set. This can turn into a nasty negative feedback loop that becomes self fulfilling.

The ones who stay level headed and focus on the areas they can influence most, inevitably come out on the top of the pile no matter how things end up.

Which person do you want to be? Every situation no matter how "bad" has an opportunity. Look for it, recognize it, and seize it!

So focus on the things you can control and forget everything else. Let others worry about the details you have no control over and dominate your area of influence. Go and profit. Blessings.

~Jason Weimer
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