By the Numbers: The Veteran Population

As you begin to plan how you & your business are going to honor the Veterans in your community in November take these numbers into consideration...

There are about 23.8 million living veterans, 7.5% of whom are women. There are about 37 million dependents (spouses and dependent children) of living veterans and survivors of deceased veterans. Together they represent 20% of the US population.

In 2007, the median age of all living veterans was 60 years old, 61 for men and 47 for women. Median ages by period of service: Gulf War, 37 years old; Vietnam War, 60; Korean War, 76; and WW II 84.

Sixty percent (60%) of the nation's veterans live in urban areas. States with the largest veteran population are CA, FL, TX, PA, NY and OH, respectively. These six states account for about 36% of the total veteran population.

*Source Department of Veteran Affairs


Anonymous said...

By the NUMBERS? The Veteran Population..... How about there are 23.8 million Veterans amongst a national population of 304,059,724 (July 2008). Veterans make up about 7.8% of the general population. All those additional numbers that are given are great, but why are the numbers concerning "THE VETERAN POPULATION" being dodged? How about adding the numbers that show that even though Veterans only make up 7.8% of the general population, they account for 1/3 of the adult homeless population. The recent changes to the VA website seem to have hidden are at least make it harder to find such information.


Anonymous said...

I apologize if my earlier comments came across as harsh. My recent experiences with the VA website in an attempt to update and reconfirming information for a paper I am doing has me frustrated. I had no right to direct any of that frustration to you, when it should be directed to the VA itself. Thank you for your post and keep up the good work you are doing for myself and fellow veterans.


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