MAPP Tip of the Month

We are always seeking to push new ideas online for our Partners. One of our most recent is a new format that brings your MilitaryReward right to the front of your ad. It becomes your signpost and beacon that you are a military friendly business and tells the piece of your story that you want told!

Here is the new format for your ad when someone clicks for more information:

Energy Oasis Health Club and Day Spa

Military Reward!!

Military Pricing Single Membership - $50/month, $25-one time initiation fee (Savings of up to $100/year) Couple Membership - $80/month, $40-one time initiation fee (Savings of up to $250/year) Military Pricing for Spa Services upon Request

111 Market Street
Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324

So please keep those Rewards up to date and with the right message! How about a Veterans' Day recognition of some sort? Many veterans and especially families appreciate a business that takes the time to actually recognize veterans instead of just taking advantage of a sale for the day!

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