Profiting In Crisis

DOW down 400 points, DOW up 500 points, DOW down 777 points.

If you have watched TV or read any newspapers lately, it’s hard to escape the talk of the turmoil in the financial markets. While these events are significant and deserve a certain degree of our respect and attention, they can also be distracting.

While they can be distracting, crises can also represent tremendous opportunity. When everyone else is losing their heads you can gain ground.

Each of us has a circle of influence. At the center of the circle are things we have the greatest influence over and at the outer edges are the areas we have the least control over. The mistake that many make during times of crisis is to focus their attention on the things they have the least control over.

This diffuses their thoughts and energies from areas of productivity. When their attention leaves areas of productivity, their situation worsens and then they have more “evidence” for how bad things are. This causes them more stress, feeding even more into the crisis mind set. This can turn into a nasty negative feedback loop that becomes self fulfilling.

The ones who stay level headed and focus on the areas they can influence most, inevitably come out on the top of the pile no matter how things end up.

Which person do you want to be? Every situation no matter how “bad” has an opportunity. Look for it, recognize it, and seize it!

So focus on the things you can control and forget everything else. Let others worry about the details you have no control over and dominate your area of influence. Go and profit. Blessings.

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