We Thank Veterans Campaign

Next month is Veteran’s Day and a great chance for you to note their sacrifices and protection of our great country. I decided to write early about it so you, our MilitaryAvenue Partners have time to prepare for this day of recognition for those who have frequently given so much for their country. Are you familiar with their issues and day to day lives? Many military families are operating with a second or third deployment over the holidays! Can you say “again”? They sure could use a simple “thank you” from all of us.

How about these ideas to jump start your recognition of Veteran’s Day and making it something that makes veterans and their families feel appreciated?

  • How about a “Veterans, Thank You” sign on your door!
  • “Military Families are Loved Here” sign
  • Participate in a function on your nearby installation such as an Awards Program-contact the installation Public Affairs office for information
  • Sponsor the Veteran’s Day parade and encourage others as well
  • Having a special event nearby that you are aware of? Send it to us for our Event Calendar so the new military families get the word about the local area
  • Know what is happening at the base/post/camp so you can let military personnel and their families know that you are aware of their issues
  • Have your sales staff made aware of military customers and task the staff to thank them for their service-ie. “We Thank Veterans”

To show our appreciation for your support to our veterans and their families we are having a “We Thank Veterans Campaign” until November 11th! Make the promise to thank veterans and we will offer you a ten percent (10%) discount on any upgrades with the discount code, “VETERANS”. Log in to your account and build your upgrade! During checkout enter the discount code and it will be automatically discounted and your ad year starts again! Thank you!

– Colonel Dale A. Kissinger (Ret.)

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