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MilitaryAvenue.com is the street between your business and the military marketplace! In order to keep the path wide open we always need new and fresh ideas that appeal to both the military community and our Partners! We have a blog for military families, Our Letters to You, but realized that we were missing an opportunity to keep the Avenue wide open with you, our Partners, with a business oriented blog.

Why, "Your Military Community: How to..." as a title for this new blog? We want this blog to meet your needs and assist your marketing, your ad appeal, your outreach, your assistance to military families, tell your success stories to other businesses and basically: How to meet our partner needs while they assist military family members and personnel with their services and products.

In the future we intend to write from our personal experiences; include some demographic information; explain how to target the military audience; update you on changes on MilitaryAvenue that help us grow and increase your ad visits which strengthens your sales and services.

We will share links to articles on the site and would like to have input from our Partners as well! If you would like to write or comment we would be sure to include your business information as well. We ask that you not use the blog as just an advertising opportunity but more of an educational effort and open forum. Tell us and the other partners "How to..." and we will share your information so we can all make MilitaryAvenue a better place and your business can be a military friendly face in the crowd for your military personnel and their families!

Col K and The Team at MilitaryAvenue

Supporting the Relocation, Travel and Lifestyle Needs of the American Military Family


RealEstateBiz said...

Aloha from Hawaii Col K and the Military Ave Team! We are starting rainy season which means some damp nights but plenty of sunshine during our gorgeous tropical days to dry us out...Great Idea for the Blog, Aloha, Biz Kellam

Colonel K said...

Thank you Biz! We do look forward to making the blog an exchange of information so if you have any ideas for blog subjects or how we can help you connect with your military community please let us know!

After our retirement from active duty we spent a week in your beautiful state to celebrate and so enjoyed the weather, beaches and sunsets!

Col K

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