Military Family Appreciation Month is Here!

November is Military Family Appreciation Month! We are already five days into the month and it is certainly a busy month! However, we would be remiss in not noting this month aimed at supporting the families of our service personnel! Let’s take the time to recognize their dedication to our great nation and say a big thank you!

How about changing your MilitaryReward to add an opening line, “Thank you to our Military Families during November”!? We know they would appreciate the gesture and your market appeal and reach will be expanded as well. You will be seen as a business that is aware of military issues and that will bring folks through your front door. Your ad and Reward can be edited at any time! New Rewards get picked up and seen more frequently in Our Newest Partners rotating highlights! Just go to the green Business Partner Log In and proceed to the Current Listings section. Click on the red edit button and make your changes/updates including your new comment on the MilitaryReward! Then go to checkout and submit your update.

If you know a military family is visiting your business say a simple thank you and you will get a repeat customer and friend too!Posted byonWednesday, November 05, 2008Labels:,

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