Staying up to date

One of the reasons MilitaryAvenue.com was created was to help our military families navigate the new-community around them as they search for new businesses to invest in and find companies they are comfortable with. There is a sea of information out there and it can be quite frustrating to look for an area business only to meet dead-ends: invalid email addresses, disconnected phones, business-fronts with a 'For Lease' sign in the window.

As a Military Partner, please, insure that you keep your account up to date. If your email address changes, please log-in and keep it up to date! MilitaryAvenue.com never sells or leases your information. However, if we try several times to contact you and hit our own dead-end we will set your ad to 'Incomplete'. There is no reason to keep our very important military-community searching blindly for area businesses. Let us give them the tools and the information they need to make the right decisions while they navigate the information highway for businesses in their neighborhood!

- The MilitaryAvenue.com Team

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