Military Market-Recession Proof?

The term ‘recession proof’ gets tossed around quite a bit in the business world. I often hear such and such company or such and such market is recession proof. I have even heard it said that the military market is recession proof.

The fact of the matter is that no market or no company is recession proof. When the economy slows down it affects us all. However, it is true that not every businesses and market is affected the same way. Some businesses and markets are more inelastic in economic terms, which simply means they don’t respond as sharply to economic swings.

Take for instance gas, if the price goes up or down, people keep on buying the stuff. Demand may slow if the price doubles, but overall, relative to the price changes, gas continues to be purchased at a high rate.

Just like a product can be inelastic, markets can be inelastic, and the military market is one of those. Unlike large corporations, the payroll of the Department of Defense and the military is not necessarily correlated to the state of the economy. While big companies are downsizing, US troops continue to work and fight around the world, collecting paychecks, and many times sending them back home to spouses to spend locally in the US.

Whether or not you agree with US foreign policy, the fact remains that the Department of Defense employs one of the largest workforces in the world, spending around $95 billion a year on its payroll.

While the rest of the economy is shrinking there is good reason to focus marketing efforts on the military. So take a look at your marketing and positioning to see if you could benefit from making the military a bigger part of your business. You will be rewarded with a steady and loyal clientele, that can help your business smooth out the roller coaster economy we seem to have become a part of.

- Jason Weimer

MAPP Tip of the Month: MilitaryAvenue Resources

Are you using all the resources of MilitaryAvenue? One of our goals at is to connect the military community with your "outside the gates" business. With that in mind we have multiple ways for you to reach the military community and I want to ensure you are using them all!

We have many opportunities for businesses around large military population centers to list ads in multiple locations. We allow three free ads within 100 miles of your office. Are there multiple installations nearby? Have you placed an ad at three of them? Duplicating an ad is easy! Go to Business Partner Log In, log in with your username and password and then go to the Current Listings section. Find the red Copy to New Listing link and it will copy your listing and all you have to do is choose the new installation/base and then go to checkout and submit! Five minutes total including finding your password!

Does your business fit more than one category? You can duplicate the ad and change the category like we suggested above for the multiple installations! One note: Please ensure the business profile and MilitaryReward match the category.

Have you become an Expert in our Answers area? We have a new section on MilitaryAvenue where you can assist military members and their families by answering their questions about your area, business or just general information. Go to Military Answers and sign up as an expert and see how you can help military families get information by answering their questions.

Would like to send us an article to post in your area of expertise? We have articles on the site that are frequently referred to by our readers for information on How To ... We would love to include yours! If writing is your strength please forward your article to our newsletter editor, Importantly, make sure the article is general information (as opposed to an article that is more of an advertisement for your business) for our readers; and you have permission to publish it. We will provide proper credit and reference your business and ad in the article when placed on the site.

Thank you for your support to the troops and their families!

The MilitaryAvenue Team!

Military Reward for December

This Month's Featured Military Reward is given to:

Water Safe Kids
Surprise, Arizona

The Military Reward reads:

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A special thank you to Water Safe Kids and all of our MAPP partners for supporting your military community with your Rewards.

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