Let Freedom Ring

Tomorrow is a great day in American history; in fact, world history. We have elected a new president and he will take office in an orderly transition! Again!

We are truly a blessed nation and many Americans do not recognize how blessed we are! The military community realizes they have something valuable to protect after deploying to, living in, and traveling to other nations without the benefits we share everyday. So as President Obama takes the oath of office we should think of those benefits and what we have to be thankful for in these tough times.

First, I am thankful for freedom of religion and the ability to worship God as I choose. We have many different beliefs in the US but our Christian heritage protects and speaks openly for freedom to worship (particularly when compared to other countries and religions). I can remember the deep relief I felt each time I stepped off a plane back onto American soil during the recent conflicts. Home again!

Second, I am thankful for my family and the strength I get from them everyday! The phone calls, IMs, emails, and hugs the military families share with each other is a great resource! When we were active duty we had many surrogate aunts, uncles and cousins due to our location. Its still that way for many and the American military family is strong and resilient!

Third, I can easily sleep at night because American soldiers, airmen, coasties, sailors and marines are not sleeping! Thank you for your service each and every one of you! I can add other public service personnel too, such as police officers, firemen and many others. Thank you all!

Enjoy the inauguration and watch with pride as our service members perform their many duties and realize that the festivities could not go on without our military’s involvement.Posted byonMonday, January 19, 2009Labels:,

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