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How do I develop a military friendly ad? Or maybe, why should I develop a military friendly ad? When developing advertising the key phrase is audience, audience, audience and message, message, message. Similar in many ways to the real estate phrase: location, location, location.

Do you remember the college or high school enthusiasm for your “team” or school? Are you a member of a group such as a church, social club, or business organization? You develop an affinity (defined as closeness or attraction) for groups in which you participate. The military organizations build on this cohesion to get their missions accomplished and the community lives and feels this cohesion every day. The longer a family serves the more affinity they feel for others who have been in the same difficult circumstances which they face daily.

So are you aware of the audience? Do you know the size of the military community nearby? How many dollars do they spend in your business? I guarantee most are very young and internet users. Do you have a product or service that is needed by military customers? They can be very loyal customers and spread the word quickly about a good deal or great customer service or a simple “thank you for serving” means so much.

Does your message resonate with the audience? One of the criteria that I use during the ad review process at MilitaryAvenue is determining the ad’s military friendliness. Is the Reward valid and a unique offer to the military personnel it targets? Does it tell the business’ story accurately? Do veteran or military families identify themselves to the audience to make known their membership in the affinity group? What areas do you serve in the ad? I have seen some list their county instead of the local installation not realizing that many military personnel will not recognize the name of the county. For example, Bexar County is San Antonio, TX but not many military personnel know that when first assigned in that area.

Is the message clear that you value their service? Start with a thank you and then tell them your message! For example, “We value our service personnel! Thank you. Please visit us at “Green Street” to see our latest product/service which we have discounted 10% for military personnel!

Best wishes for a great 2009 and much success with your business and thank you for serving our military community!Posted byonFriday, January 02, 2009Labels:,,

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