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One of the best parts of learning something new is the ability to share your new found knowledge. As a team we like to refine our process and make sure that we are continually doing things as effective as possible, as is the case with our newsletters. After a considerable amount of research we realized that according to the experts we were doing many things right. In both our monthly- business to business newsletter and our business to customer newsletter we have been innovative and unintentionally followed the experts’ advice. We have learned that we have some changes to make in order for our newsletters to be even more effective and useful for our readers.

We shall share some of these new ideas and ones that worked for us in “Tips” our newest blog article on newsletters, email, internet advertising and other marketing methods. We want to help you reach out to your customers. We would love to hear from you and one of our changes to our newsletters is to add a feedback section so we can hear what you want and need. We will also be looking for articles from you, the experts, on how you reach your customers. Let’s get started with a couple of ideas about newsletters.

Do you have a newsletter? They are inexpensive but do take some time! Ah, but the benefits!! You can develop a regular readership and monthly features will help you focus on what your customers will read and need to know. Remember all of your readers have limited time and you want the articles hard hitting and focused. The military personnel and families are frequently new to a community so provide a link to previous newsletters as well so they can “catch up” if they find your articles interesting.

Your newsletter should feature a table of contents so readers can see what is available! A great way to keep readers interested is to do a short lead in for each articles with a “see more” link to the full article on your website. That will bring clicks to you and allows readers to get a short review of interest items before they dig in to the article. How many of us don’t read the cover on a book before we purchase it? That is exactly the idea–give them something interesting in 2-4 paragraphs and then let them see the rest.

We are going to do this every month in our blog and newsletter so look for “Tips!” in the near future and have a great 2009!Posted byonWednesday, January 07, 2009Labels:,,

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