Tips: Your Military Rewards and How to Win the Hearts of the Military Community

I or another staff member review each ad that comes to MilitaryAvenue as part of our approval process. I also frequently provide recommendations to our Partners who we want to be successful reaching the military marketplace! Our military experiences provide a unique perspective and we like to share those with you!

After several years I have seen some great Rewards and some that do not meet our criteria for a free ad. The basics of the Reward include:

1. Must have a dollar value or percentage off and be a unique offer to your military community.

2. Think of it as a coupon that a service member would bring in to you, so they know upfront the advantage of using your service or product as a military family

Now some ideas how to make it the draw that pulls folks into your business!

1. Say thank you to the service members and their families! A simple opening line, Thank you for your service says a lot to your readers and future customers.

2. Offer something unique! Bring them to your business with your innovative ideas! Consider your audience and what appeals to them. Each category of business is unique but our Featured Military Reward winners have shown some great ideas and reached a larger audience because of it! The military community is young and mobile and internet savvy!

3. Many acronyms or terms are unique to an industry but not always understood by the general public. Did you use any? If so, do they need a short explanation or do they belong somewhere else in the ad.

4. Grab them with details of what you are offering! Do not say, “call for details”. That is a very obvious effort to not provide information about your offer and makes it easy to skip and go to the next ad or offer.

5. Remember you can offer specials but the basic Reward must have a year long timeframe to match the date of the ad. So offer a Veteran’s Day special on top of your Reward! For example, Military personnel receive 10% off our service and products! Take an additional 10% over the Veteran’s Day weekend! Your Reward can be updated or changed at any time!

6. Do not offer something that is already free! I have seen some real estate Rewards that offer “Free Comparative Market Analysis” or “Free Home Buyer services” that are normally free to the general public. We do not accept those Rewards as meeting our criteria for a free ad and most folks would quickly understand that and simply move on to another ad anyway.

7. Compare yours to others Rewards in your area and category. Look at your competitors! We all do comparison shopping and why not have the best ad and Reward possible? We bring the military community to you; now you have to win them over!

8. Keep it current! A great ad is reviewed and updated frequently and we offer free updates so go to Business Log In and enter your User Name and Password. The ad will open after you go to the Current Listings section and select the Red Edit button. Go to the checkout and submit after making edits and we will approve and have it on the site quickly.

We have a Help Page that provides assistance and a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section as well! Take the time to review it and your ad for new ideas and ways to reach out to this most deserving community of patriots! Thank you for supporting the troops!

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