Tips: Keep up with Military News–The 2009 PCS Season is in High Gear

The Permanent Change of Station season is in high gear! Despite the bad news on the economy, the stock market downturn and the political events in DC, military personnel are still relocating into your area! Like many Americans the economy can effect the lives of military personnel due to spouse employment difficulties, impact on long term savings but one third of the military will still relocate in the next 6 months.

By now most have orders and know where they are moving this summer which for family reasons is the heaviest relocation timeframe. Even if the member moves ahead due to the school year or spouse job requirements, the spouse or family will follow in the summer. So what are they doing now?

Research, planning, getting rid of clutter (a PCS weight limit for household goods is the best garage cleaning opportunity you will ever have), thinking about how to prepare the kids for another move. How about those side trips to visit family while enroute, selling a car, getting maintenance on the current one and/or buying a new one to insure reliability during the long trip. Do they need a rental truck and/or trailer for a do it yourself move or have the government contractor do it?

What and how do they research? Think about your lifestyle. They need a place to live, a new church, a place to shop, somewhere to take the car for that oil change on arrival, child care, entertainment and much more! How do they research? Do they have computer access? YES! Remember 75% are 18-34 years of age and over 60% have a family. They research online and many use MilitaryAvenue! They ask friends about the new location and if fortunate may have a friend at the new installation to show them around.

They also use the new Answers section on MilitaryAvenue! Go there and see what you can offer to help them relocate! Sign up as an expert and answer questions about the area when they occur. Offer a friendly hand when it is needed and you will be surprised at how loyal the friends will be!Posted byonTuesday, February 24, 2009Labels:,,

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