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March is here! I can smell cardboard in the air! In fact, I can almost taste it. Do your thoughts go to cardboard in March? Probably not; most go to spring and flowers but for a military family that relocated 18 times in 30 years it was usually the time to plan our next move and the resulting packing of our household goods brought out the cardboard smells and memories.

Many military personnel and their families are getting ready to PCS! That means more visits to your ads on MilitaryAvenue as military personnel prepare to move into your area! What should you do to make your ad have the most appeal possible to market your business to this young savvy group of patriots? My biggest recommendation is to review your ad and keep it up to date!

Keep it current! A great ad is reviewed and updated frequently and we offer free updates so go to Business Log In and enter your User Name and Password. The ad will open after you go to the Current Listings section and select the Red Edit button. Go to the checkout and submit after making edits and we will approve the update and have it on the site quickly.

We have a Help Page that provides assistance and a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section as well! Take the time to review it and your ad for new ideas and ways to reach out to this most deserving community of patriots! Thank you for supporting the troops! I also created a previous blog on how to make your MilitaryReward coupon effective. Go to: Tips: Your Military Rewards and How to Win the Hearts of the Military Community.

We want your ads to be effective as a MilitaryAvenue Partner since you care about the military community by providing advertising and support to them. We appreciate comments so tell others what has worked for you!


Milltownstorage said...

Old Milltown Storage in Milton FL. offers previously used boxes for free. Call us @ 850-626-0092 or visit us at www.milltownstorage.com

Leanne said...

Thanks, Milltown Storage for being a MilitaryAvenue Partner. (http://www.militaryavenue.com/PartnerDetail.aspx?ID=19637&Action=View) I'm sure that military personnel can always uses boxes! (and free sure is a nice word!) :)

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