What Can a Corporation or Business Do for a Wounded Warrior?

I recently interviewed Brian Neuman from USAA about their program to help Wounded Warriors and I thought I would share some ideas with our business partners. Wounded Warriors are frequently considered those wearing Purple Hearts or receiving Veteran Administration disability payments that were caused by wartime service since 09.11.2001.

Does your company consider hiring veterans? I know its a tough economic time but you can’t find a more loyal or proud employee who has served all of us so well! Are you the business owner? It can start from the top! Let folks know you are interested in hiring veterans. Are you an employee who knows a veteran who is returning to civilian life and wants a job? Needs a recommendation or the opportunity to network? Help them out! Ask to see their resume and give them inputs. Forward it to HR!

As a business or American citizen please help support our deserving veterans through non profit organizations such as Operation Comfort, Operation Homefront and the Wounded Warrior Project. Support for these groups is critical to the successful transition of these men and women who deserve our best! They can use your talents while volunteering or your tax deductible financial gifts. Encourage your employees to participate with their time and talents too by publicizing your support!

We occasionally post special events for your information on the site, in the blog and in our newsletter so you can see opportunities to assist. Some are even fun and we would encourage your company to get involved like Cox Communications did supporting injured Marines near Camp Pendleton. To see what they are doing visit

Its pretty hard not to get emotional when we see a wounded veteran on TV or the internet but put those feelings to work for our injured veterans! Thank you!Posted byonWednesday, February 11, 2009Labels:,,

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