Tips: MAPP Tip of the Month–Events at Your Local Installation

We are making exciting progress connecting you, our MilitaryAvenue Partners and your military community. We are using social networking, media coverage, blogging and outreach programs at several installations and much more! But one of the most exciting ways we reach the community is through you, our Partners!

One partner who has been instrumental in opening doors is Main Street Pet Resort and Day Spa at Ft Leavenworth! The owner has been our advocate and spent time spreading the word about us to her friends, fellow business owners and the installation as well! How has she done that and why? First, she was connected with her military customers in her business and knew they provided a built in customer base. Then she recognized that she could use more of them!

Second, she saw the advantages of advertising her services to military families who were looking ahead or were new in the area. She attended a welcome event on the post for newcomers and passed out information about her business! And… guess what? She passed out information on as well! She helped create a buzz at Ft Leavenworth about us!

She helped us make contact with the local Army staff and created “Events” on the home page of Ft Leavenworth! These events created new value for our military users and new visitors to ads at Ft Leavenworth.

As a result of her efforts she has seen a great increase in her number of military customers, we have new businesses on the site, new information for our military users and increased traffic! All great news for a business owner, MilitaryAvenue and the ultimate user, your military community!

PS: Would you like to tell us about an event in your local community that the military community needs to know about? Just go to the home page of your local installation; drop down the middle to just below the map and look for the Upcoming Local Events. Find the link “Let us know” and click on it (this one goes to Ft Leavenworth; be sure to use your installation(s). Fill out the event and submit and we will have it on the site quickly! Think about it: Five minutes of your time to help a military family know more about your town could provide a lot of benefits to you, our business partner!Posted byonThursday, March 19, 2009Labels:,,

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