Your Reward to their In Box on the First of the Month

We publish our Alerts on the first of each month! Next Wednesday (April 1st) military personnel and families in your area who have signed up will receive an Alert email from us with a list of Rewards/Discounts at their installation. Have you updated/reviewed your Reward recently? If not; go to the green Business Login tab at the top right of the page and review your ad and its Reward! How will the consumer see your business when they read your Reward offer?

The Reward does not need to be cost prohibitive but it needs to tell the consumer that you are military friendly and appreciate their service during wartime! Yes, military families serve as well so take the time to update and make your Reward something that stands out! Know some local area special venues? Offer to buy them tickets or offer a reduced price ticket. I remember one business in Albuquerque, NM that offered free tickets to the Sandia Peak tram and a discount for dinner on top of the mountain. We loved it and used their business too! Maybe you have a planetarium, zoo or park nearby–buy them tickets! Or add a comment like “Thank you for your service” to your 10% off! It will surprise you what a simple recognition will do for business.

Thank you for your great support to the military community! April is also Month of the Military Child and we will be telling you more about it as it approaches!Posted byonTuesday, March 24, 2009Labels:,

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