The Social Media Really Does Work

MilitaryAvenue really is the street to connect the military community and your business.

Leanne had written an earlier Social Media blog and I wanted to share an example of exactly how they can be used to connect your business with the military community! A great story for a Friday afternoon during a busy week!

This sale opportunity started with a question in Answers on from a military family relocating to the D.C. area at Bolling AFB. If you are not familiar with the area it can be very intimidating and the spouse asked several questions and one in particular caught my eye. They were in need of some reasonably priced furniture and asked how to find it in the new area on Answers.

I had a follower on Twitter from CORT Furniture and recognized that they had stores in that area. So I asked Tom Allen on Twitter to respond to the question and help them out! Tom saw a great opportunity to help a military family settling into his area! A new customer from the social media! You can see Tom’s response to the question posed on Answers . He used the opportunity to assist the family, provided information that they had requested and told them how to contact the nearby furniture store. He also mentioned CORT Furniture’s MilitaryReward of 15% off so that other readers could see his offer too!

Want to share with us on Twitter and Answers? Follow MilAve_Col_K and MilitaryAvenue on Twitter! Want to help Answer military questions in your area? Sign up as an Expert and respond to their questions just like Tom did!

Thank you for your great support to the military community!
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