How to Get Involved in Your Military Community and Increase Sales

Businesses need to market their product and/or services to increase sales and develop customer loyalty. Do you have a large military customer population nearby? How far away is the nearest post, base, camp, station, etc. Do you know the demographics? How can you reach them? One great idea is to participate in special events at the installations when an opportunity is there.

We recently participated in a special “Field Exercise Priceless Packages” at Ft Sill, OK where we saw a large turnout of businesses targeting military spouses of deployed or soon to be deployed soldiers. The businesses that attended the event recognized the audience and were prepared to tell their story and message. Some provided door prizes for the audience, others sent small packages to be placed in the gift bags presented to each attendee; major corporations such as USAA sponsored the event. Each knew that the audience was theirs to target.

But one of the best marketing efforts that we saw was About Face and Body Therapy Spa who sent representatives to give a short chair massage while attendees waited for dinner and during breaks in the presentation! They had a beautiful display, took the opportunity and provided an outreach that will increase sales. The next Field Exercise will be at Ft Bliss near El Paso, TX in June. Take the opportunity to participate if you want to reach the military audience at that post.

There are many ways to assist military families such as simply recognizing them for their service. Can you empathize with your military audience? Many have had multiple year long deployments–quite a sacrifice and a smile and a small gift could gain you a lifetime customer!

Gather information about your military community through military newspapers, participating in Chamber of Commerce military committees, military blogs, the installation public affairs office and social media such as twitter (a great to stay in tune at Best wishes on a successful military sales campaign through involvement in Your Military Community!Posted byonMonday, May 04, 2009Labels:,,

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