Tips: MAPP Partners–Thinking!

Keep up with Your Marketing (and see what others are doing as well)

Are you aware of new business trends? Had some coffee/tea and ready to stimulate your marketing approach? Who is your competition? What is new? When is the best time to offer a sale to the military community? What did my marketing due to for sales this month? All questions for a savvy business person to stay on top of and aware that change is inevitable!

We strongly recommend that you maintain awareness of the military community’s needs and the cycle of business opportunities with them. How do you monitor your ad(s) to meet these changes? One method is to Sign Up for Our Monthly Alerts! Alerts are emails sent directly to the Inbox of military members at your nearby installation once a month announcing MilitaryRewards (yours included)! I repeat: Directly to their Inbox! A great marketing tool and you should be on top of it!

Sign up for Alerts so you can:

See your Reward as it is seen by the military community!

Update if necessary!

Review other local ads for ideas/trends!

Know who your competitors are!

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