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We have recently added two more installations to at the request of our users, our military family!

I just signed up. (for Military Alerts) It is a great site! I sent a message asking to add Camp Shelby as one of the institutions. – MP Wife

It is exciting when we get feedback from our military members and their spouses. Daily we find out what they want on the site, what they haven’t been able to find anywhere else, what is missing, what we can improve, what they *love*.

So for the moment we have two ‘stubs’, Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center, near Hattiesburg, Mississippi as well as Broken Arrow Armed Forces Reserve Center, near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Do you have colleagues in this area? Let them know!

They can be the first to offer a Military Reward in their area on MilitaryAvenue; and for that I am sure they will thank you! These two installations won’t be stubs for long. Before we know it they will be full-fledged, jam-packed with information installations!

The more military-discounts we offer in an area the more military-families we draw. The more families we have using MilitaryAvenue the more exposure your own ad gets! It can’t get much better than that. So send a shout-out to the area-businesses you know; help us spread the word!

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