Military Dates to Remember - Quarterly

As we strive to help connect our business partners with the military community we seek new ways to help you reach the military folks with your message. Just as the military community has gone to great lengths to be able reach any spot in the world we work hard to find new ways to help you reach out! One of our recommendations has been to stay in tune with the military community events in your local area.

To help you know when national events are about to occur I have decided to publish a quarterly listing of dates important to the military community so you can use them for marketing your message of involvement in their lives. So for September, October and November here is a list of dates you should know. If you know of others please leave a comment with your date and reason it is important.


11th Patriot Day

17th Constitution Day/Citizenship Day

18th US Air Force Birthday

18th (Third Friday of the Month)POW/MIA Recognition Day (Prisoner of War/Missing in Action)

The last Sunday in September is Gold Star Mother's Day in recognition of those who have lost a son or daughter in wartime.


13th US Navy Birthday


10th Marine Corps Birthday

11th Veterans Day

Thank you for the great support to your military community! Please pass on these dates to business organizations such as your chamber of commerce to insure that they are appropriately recognized! One other quick recommendation is to not just have a sale on days like Veterans Day but include a military discount or some recognition such as a small token of appreciation! Recognize those serving or who have served in some manner! Be military friendly and the word will spread rapidly!

PS: Thank you for the above image goes to Airman 1st Class Asha McMakin, US Air Force/Released.

The C-17 was the last great airplane I flew over a 30 year career and it has become a workhorse and has saved many American military lives by moving folks around instead of requiring ground convoys with their threats!

MAPP Tip of the Month

Are you aware of military community events? We recently saw a community respond to a military event that was way beyond the expected. Unfortunately it was a funeral for a young corporal killed in Afghanistan but hear me out on why its critical to have your ear to the ground and know what is going on around your nearby installations.

The community responded with an outpouring of support to the military family involved and placed thousands of flags, banners, etc up to show the support! They attended the services in mass! Literally. Almost every sign had an American Hero or Thank You for Serving comment and you could tell the community had their heart in it!

Hopefully you do not need to recognize a loss or funeral but how about a welcome home sign when its timely?? Or thank you to our service members or their families! Announce a military special in your window/store front! What are you doing to help them know you are military friendly? You can't tell them unless you know what is going on? Subscribe to the base newspaper and read it, follow the Installation Public Affairs office on Twitter, Facebook, their Website, etc.

MilitaryAvenue has some ideas for your ads and Rewards that could help your ad expand its market reach too! Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge of the American Military Community to reach them with your business' services or products!

PS: Remember that great outpouring of community support? One business on the procession route did not recognize our fallen hero but left their sale sign up during the funeral and procession. Either they were not aware (that would have been hard), or they did not elect to participate. Of course, I now elect to not step into their business due to their lack of support! Don't get caught like that! Conversely, when I saw a local business owner at the military funeral, I greeted him and will be back to his business again and again!

MilitaryAvenue Stimulus Package is Coming

MilitaryAvenue Partners! Watch your In Boxes next week for an announcement about a new stimulus package! We are going to offer our own stimulus package to help expand your marketing reach to the military community!

More next week!

PAIR Day at Ft Leavenworth

MilitaryAvenue just had a very exciting weekend attending a special event at Ft Leavenworth, Kansas hosted by the US Army's Family Morale Welfare Recreation. The Post Activities Information and Registration (PAIR) Day was held on Saturday.

It provided a great opportunity for us to spread the word about our wonderful patriotic business partners and share information with the large Army population and other service members stationed at Ft Leavenworth. The best part of this opportunity is that many of the military family participants are there for schools varying in length from 4-8 months and will be moving to your neighborhood soon! So we shared information about us and you at the same time to a very mobile commuity looking for your services and products in the near future!

Our booth featured easy to take business cards, small brochures and media kits about MilitaryAvenue and we had the biggest banner in the building for the 3,000+ military personnel who visited us. The MilitaryAvenue installation sponsor at Ft Leavenworth, Central Michigan University was in attendance and had a booth as well. We had a MilitaryAvenue Partner, Main Street Pet Resort and Day Spa right next to us and they provided extraordinaire support--Thank You Susan! We shared carnations with military spouses and smiling little girls from Platte City Flower and Gift Shoppe and had several drawings for gifts as well!

Shields Manor Bistro donated two wonderful giveaways, a large Magnum of Champagne and a coupon for $100 for a special night out for a military couple too! We had a sensational dinner at this fine dining restaurant with a wonderful ambiance and tremendous food and could recommend it to anyone! It is a best kept secret of Platte City! Thank you Dede and Max! DejaVu Salon & Day Spa donated salon products for a third drawing as well! We had MilitaryReward coupons from Goin Postal and Cooper's Creations that we shared with participants too!

USAA supported us with two iPods that we are giving with our monthly drawing for August for the new military signups at Ft Leavenworth as well!

We had fun, it told our story to a large military family audience and we shared our trademark plastic army men with a bunch of fun kids and laughing moms and dads! Do you have a military fair near you? Call the installation's Morale Welfare and Recreation folks and ask them for ideas. Maybe you could help start something new! Let us know of other events that you participate in for opportunities too!

A Magical Experience

I vaguely remember my college business 101 classes. It has been a few years after all, but certain bits and pieces have stuck with me. I DO remember studying Walt Disney and his 'magical' Disney World in Marketing 101; how the employees (ahem, Cast Members) were treated, how life was to feel transformed as you entered into a different world. How customers were guests.

I experienced Disney World first hand with my family as we took a much needed vacation, since my husband's return from Iraq. I was totally transformed into a six year old as we walked into the park on that first day. Disney World did things from putting bubble makers in the garbage cans at the beginning of the day (imagine bubbles floating all over the streets as you start your day), to parades with a wonderful sound systems two or three times a day, there was NO escaping the magic of Disney. Even the wonderfully, friendly custodial staff spread the feeling of belonging in the moment.

A couple of other more subtle things happened for us. As a military family we appreciated the effort that Disney has made to welcome us. Not through only the major, like their Armed Forces Salute Program (MAJOR Discount) and Shades of Green Resort (MAJORly nice accommodations), but the minor. The minor: It was HOT in Disney and we had stopped for lunch at small restaurant outside of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. My husband was wearing a "National Guard" T-Shirt and the gal that served up our food asked him if he was in the Guard. Paul responded yes and she said "Thank you for your service." Then she upgraded our small-bottles of water (that came with the kids' meals) to large adult size bottles and gave us free dessert. It was minor, but felt major to be thanked.

What do you do that is *MAGICAL* for your military-families? Don't forget the minor details as you welcome your new & faithful military customers.

- Leanne from

August Featured Military Reward

August brings summer to a close for many military families who have relocated (PCS'd) and the routine of school and fall events rapidly approaches! This Reward is for all the military personnel at Ft Leavenworth, KS and Whiteman AFB, MO! In particular, those new to both installations including personnel attending school at the Army Command and Staff College. Many military personnel are unfamiliar with their area and looking for entertainment and local highlights to visit and this looks like a great one with a big thank you to our men and women in the armed services and their families.

This Month's Featured Military Reward is given to:


Their Military Reward says:

Come enjoy a live comedy, musical, or drama performance at AHT in Crown Center! ALL TICKETS ONLY $12.50 FOR GROUPS OF 5 OR MORE! (That's a savings of up to $17.50 per ticket!) Call or email group sales now to reserve seats! Must ask for the "Military Rate" when ordering. Go to www.ahtkc for show information and schedule. Free parking. Crown Center offers lots of shopping & dining choices. Footsteps away from Union Station.

Click here to view coupon featured at Ft Leavenworth and Whiteman AFB.

A great big shout out to American Heartland Theatre and all of our MAPP partners for supporting your military community with your Rewards.

Why Should Your Business Offer A Military Discount?

We choose a Featured Military Reward each month to highlight our Partners and their wonderful support to the military community! Our military family team chooses one based on value for the military family and how well it sends the message "military friendly business".

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