A Magical Experience

I vaguely remember my college business 101 classes. It has been a few years after all, but certain bits and pieces have stuck with me. I DO remember studying Walt Disney and his ‘magical’ Disney World in Marketing 101; how the employees (ahem, Cast Members) were treated, how life was to feel transformed as you entered into a different world. How customers were guests.

I experienced Disney World first hand with my family as we took a much needed vacation, since my husband’s return from Iraq. I was totally transformed into a six year old as we walked into the park on that first day. Disney World did things from putting bubble makers in the garbage cans at the beginning of the day (imagine bubbles floating all over the streets as you start your day), to parades with a wonderful sound systems two or three times a day, there was NO escaping the magic of Disney. Even the wonderfully, friendly custodial staff spread the feeling of belonging in the moment.

A couple of other more subtle things happened for us. As a military family we appreciated the effort that Disney has made to welcome us. Not through only the major, like their Armed Forces Salute Program (MAJOR Discount) and Shades of Green Resort (MAJORly nice accommodations), but the minor. The minor: It was HOT in Disney and we had stopped for lunch at small restaurant outside of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. My husband was wearing a “National Guard” T-Shirt and the gal that served up our food asked him if he was in the Guard. Paul responded yes and she said “Thank you for your service.” Then she upgraded our small-bottles of water (that came with the kids’ meals) to large adult size bottles and gave us free dessert. It was minor, but felt major to be thanked.

What do you do that is *MAGICAL* for your military-families? Don’t forget the minor details as you welcome your new & faithful military customers.

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