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Are you aware of military community events? We recently saw a community respond to a military event that was way beyond the expected. Unfortunately it was a funeral for a young corporal killed in Afghanistan but hear me out on why its critical to have your ear to the ground and know what is going on around your nearby installations.

The community responded with an outpouring of support to the military family involved and placed thousands of flags, banners, etc up to show the support! They attended the services in mass! Literally. Almost every sign had an American Hero or Thank You for Serving comment and you could tell the community had their heart in it!

Hopefully you do not need to recognize a loss or funeral but how about a welcome home sign when its timely?? Or thank you to our service members or their families! Announce a military special in your window/store front! What are you doing to help them know you are military friendly? You can't tell them unless you know what is going on? Subscribe to the base newspaper and read it, follow the Installation Public Affairs office on Twitter, Facebook, their Website, etc.

MilitaryAvenue has some ideas for your ads and Rewards that could help your ad expand its market reach too! Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge of the American Military Community to reach them with your business' services or products!

PS: Remember that great outpouring of community support? One business on the procession route did not recognize our fallen hero but left their sale sign up during the funeral and procession. Either they were not aware (that would have been hard), or they did not elect to participate. Of course, I now elect to not step into their business due to their lack of support! Don't get caught like that! Conversely, when I saw a local business owner at the military funeral, I greeted him and will be back to his business again and again!

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