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Military families … They deal with frequest moves, and in turn getting to know new communities. They also can deal with deployments or days away on missions that they (as family members) can’t know details about. It isn’t easy for a military family. Not only are they missing their solder, airman, marine, coastie or sailor, but they are also worried about them.

Military Family Support. It is a necessity. There are many ways the military families can find the support they need. They search for outreach programs, ways to connect. They need them. They can find it on base at their local Family Support Center or through their Youth Center. They can also find it off-base or -post. They can find the support they need through a local church, through their children’s school, or at a local YMCA.

We, at MilitaryAvenue, created a category for children’s support. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church Youth Groups, YMCA programs… you get the picture. All ways that children from preschool age to college can find the outreach they need as they struggle with the worries, missing mom or dad for a year at a time, or getting to know new friends in a new world for them.

Military & Family -> Youth ProgramsCreate your Ad on MilitaryAvenue

Like our category Worship Services, a Military Discount is NOT required to create a free-ad. If you are the representative of a Youth Program and want to spread the word to the military-community simply explain how your organization is going to support the military-family. This will fulfill the requirements for the Military Discount field.

We can’t wait to see your ad on MilitaryAvenue. Thank you! from thousands of US Military Families for supporting us all.

– Leanne from, a proud Army-wife who has benefited from organizations like yours!

PS Thank you to Girl Scouts of Western Washington for being our first “Youth Activities” Partner.Posted byLeanneonThursday, September 24, 2009Labels:,,

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