Putting Your Best Foot Forward

On the first of every month MilitaryAvenue Alerts is published to thousands of members of the military community around the country.

These are service-members and spouses, the decision makers, that are interested in the latest & most up to date military-discount and -incentive in their area, your area!

Do you keep your MilitaryAvenue ad up to date? We want to keep our military families interested in receiving Alerts and do not want to be ‘grabbing their attention’ with out of date ads. Therefore, the most up to date ads are listed first in the Alerts email that is sent out each month.

A great action-item to add to your electronic-calendar is a monthly-reoccurrence: “Update my ad on MilitaryAvenue”. Update it the week prior to the first of the month and know that your ad will be seen first, above the ‘less-then-up-to-date ads’.

Questions to ask yourself each month:

  • Has my physical-address changed?
  • Has my email changed?
  • Is my phone number up to date?
  • Does my business profile convey my professionalism and desire to meet my military-families needs? (You have 500 characters in your coupon and 1,000 characters in your Business Profile. The First Class package and higher have even more points-of-impact!)
  • With a First-Class ad or above you can have a picture. Is your photo up to date?
  • Consider having a standard Military-Discount but then adding something special for that month. Need some ideas?

We want to help you reach the military-community! Be sure to put your best foot forward for them. The first of the month will be here before you know it.

– The team

PS: Do you want to receive monthly-Military Alerts also? Sign-up here: (This is different then your Business Partner Account!) Be sure to select your nearest-installation when creating your user profile so that we know which ‘Alerts’ to send your way!Posted byLeanneonMonday, September 28, 2009Labels:,

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