What Makes Up our Military Family?

Getting to Know Your Customer

There are more family members (57.6%) than Active Duty members (42.4%) in the DoD.

Note from MilitaryAvenue.com: This chart represents all Active Duty members. It does not take into account our retired military members as well as our National Guard and Reserve Forces.

Practical Applications:
Consider the fact that it is not only our service-members that makeup our "United States Military". The spouses & children should be considered when thinking about how to market your businesses to your local military installation.

MilitaryAvenue.com has made a niche with our Military Spouses. They hold the purse strings as their military-spouses are deployed or are TDY/TAD for an extended period of time. (TDY/TAD is similar to a business trip in civilian terms. Sometimes they are short, about a week; other times long, 30 days or more.)

We will always be thankful for our service-members and the sacrifice they give for our freedom but don't forget the family members they leave behind.

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