What Makes Up our Military Family?

Getting to Know Your Customer

There are more family members (57.6%) than Active Duty members (42.4%) in the DoD.

Note from This chart represents all Active Duty members. It does not take into account our retired military members as well as our National Guard and Reserve Forces.

Practical Applications:
Consider the fact that it is not only our service-members that makeup our “United States Military”. The spouses & children should be considered when thinking about how to market your businesses to your local military installation. has made a niche with our Military Spouses. They hold the purse strings as their military-spouses are deployed or are TDY/TAD for an extended period of time. (TDY/TAD is similar to a business trip in civilian terms. Sometimes they are short, about a week; other times long, 30 days or more.)

We will always be thankful for our service-members and the sacrifice they give for our freedom but don’t forget the family members they leave behind.Posted byLeanneonMonday, November 30, 2009Labels:,,

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