Haiti and Our Wonderful Military Response to a Natural Disaster

When tragedy strikes anywhere in the world our military personnel are usually immediately called as first responders! Despite fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and worldwide operations that continue today, we find a way to find more cargo planes, carrier groups, hospital ships, rescue resources, security, etc. etc. to respond! I have never heard a complaint during these operations and I have participated in a lot around the globe!

As a rescue, special ops and airlift pilot during my career I saw operations as far reaching as Panama, Kosovo, Iceland, within the US and so many more ! Why do we respond? What makes us the leaders during a crisis such as the tsunami in Thailand? First, our military personnel are the most professional and well trained that you can find! The medical folks are top notch and I have never seen a better group of folks than Air Force pararescuemen that daily risk their lives, "So That Others May Live".


You ARE the expert!

A question very recently posted on MilitaryAvenue Answers:

"Does anyone know anything about the housing on post (Or apartments near post)
at Letterkenny Depot in PA? Or the number to the housing office there? Thanks!"

Let's say you signed up to be a MilitaryAvenue Answers Expert for Letterkenny Depot in Pennsylvania, perhaps as a Real Estate Agent or an apartment manager. You would have received a very short and sweet email letting you know there was someone looking for help in an area you are an expert. This is a potential new customer, an opportunity for *you* to welcome them to the neighborhood. You can leave your answer for them; something to the effect of "Here are my thoughts... and if you want some more information here is my phone number. " You get the idea! You ARE the expert!

Take the opportunity to sign up as an Answers Expert. It only takes a moment or two. You can select your area installation(s) and any categories you know about. You won't regret it!

Looking for more information on the program? Read on: An 'Expert', me?! Most certainly!

Thank you for being there for our military-members, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard & their families!

Getting to Know Your Customer: The Use of Child Care Amongst Military Families

Do you often wonder how integrated the military families are within your community? Do they spend all of their time on their installation, work & pleasure, not venturing into the community around them?

Not according to a recent survey of military families! A survey down by The Rand Corporation shows that just about 40 to 50% of military families with preschool children in child care use off-base facilities. This is just a glimpse of how your military community is infused in your neighborhood. You have taken a great first step by advertising your service on MilitaryAvenue.com; continue to update your Military Rewards to fit their needs and they will come.

Not yet a MilitaryAvenue Partner? Willing to discount your child care services for a Military Family? Why a Military Discount is Valuable for your Marketing Strategy

Note from MilitaryAvenue.com: This chart represents all Active Duty members. It does not take into account our retired military veterans as well as our National Guard and Reserve Forces.

Military Dates to Remember - January 2010 to March 2010

This blog is a series of quarterly blogs to keep you aware of military events so we can help our military Partners and community stay connected! Just as you can find the military community working hard anywhere in the world we work hard to find new ways to help you reach out! One of our recommendations has been to stay in tune with the military community events in your local area. This quarter is pretty light with national events but next quarter is jam packed with events such as the month of the Military Child, National Military Appreciation Month, etc.! So watch for this blog for next quarter in March!

To help you know when national events are about to occur here is quarterly listing of dates important to the military community so you can use them for marketing your message of involvement in their lives. So for January, February and March here is a list of dates you should know. Some of these are not military specific but have a direct impact on many in the military community!

For example, picture the importance of Valentines Day for a couple that have been through a deployment and are getting back together after a very long separation! That would be a great way to reach out with a special for those returning or deploying soon! If you know of other dates please leave a comment with your date and the reason it is important.


18th Martin Luther King Jr Day


1st Freedom Day

2nd Ground Hog Day

14th Valentines Day

15th Presidents' Day


8th Daylight Savings Begins

Thank you for the great support to your military community! Please pass on these dates to business organizations such as your chamber of commerce to insure that they are appropriately recognized! One other quick recommendation is to not just have a sale on days like Veterans Day but include a military discount or some recognition such as a small token of appreciation! Recognize those serving or who have served in some manner! Be military friendly and the word will spread rapidly!

Are you aware of a local event that the military community needs to know about? You can place it directly on MilitaryAvenue! Go to the installation home page in your area and go to the Upcoming Local Events at the bottom center of the page and click on the Let Us Know to tell us about it! We will review and quickly post!

Photo credit! 12/25/2009 - U.S. service members participate in a four-mile Christmas Day run on Forward Operating Base Salerno in the Khowst province of Afghanistan Dec. 25, 2009. (DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Andrew Smith, U.S. Army/Released) Defense.Gov

Another great military blogger with a great explanation of some of the important military dates focusing on the US Army is Loving A Soldier Living the Life. Thank you Star and Tara!

January Featured Military Reward

Happy New Year from MilitaryAvenue! We saw a lot of great things happen in 2009 and we wish for a super 2010 for our wonderful military community and our MilitaryAvenue Partners!

We recognize the sacrifices that many are making as they serve with multiple deployments; family struggles; holidays, birthdays and anniversaries missed and so much more! We know that we are helping in some small ways and some very big ways! We continue to see a great out pouring of support for the military community from the small business community around the military installations and large businesses as well! We continue to seek their support for our deserving service men and women and their families!

For January's Featured Military Reward we have chosen a military family owned company in Florida. The managing partner served on active duty with the Air Force and now is in the Army National Guard! Thank you for your service, Michael!

In addition, Michael has provided some great support to the military community by responding to military legal questions on Answers, our social media outreach on MilitaryAvenue! Be sure to participate and help those with questions! It is a great way to help fellow military members or families or as a business owner you can show your support by providing responses in your area of expertise. Click on Answers and sign up now! (Want to learn more about being a MilitaryAvenue Answers Expert? An 'Expert', me?! Most certainly!)

If you know of a business offering a military discount tell them about MilitaryAvenue!

This Month's Featured Military Reward is given to:

The VanDerZee Law Group

Their Military Reward says:

25% discount for active, former or retired Military. FREE CONSULT

Click here to view the coupon featured at three Florida installations:
Patrick AFB, MacDill AFB and Eglin AFB!

A special thank you to The VanDerZee Law Group and all of our MAPP partners for supporting your military community with your Rewards.

We choose a Featured MilitaryReward each month to highlight our Partners and their wonderful support to the military community! Our military family team chooses one based on value for the military family and how well it sends the message "military friendly business".
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