Haiti and Our Wonderful Military Response to a Natural Disaster

When tragedy strikes anywhere in the world our military personnel are usually immediately called as first responders! Despite fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and worldwide operations that continue today, we find a way to find more cargo planes, carrier groups, hospital ships, rescue resources, security, etc. etc. to respond! I have never heard a complaint during these operations and I have participated in a lot around the globe!

As a rescue, special ops and airlift pilot during my career I saw operations as far reaching as Panama, Kosovo, Iceland, within the US and so many more ! Why do we respond? What makes us the leaders during a crisis such as the tsunami in Thailand? First, our military personnel are the most professional and well trained that you can find! The medical folks are top notch and I have never seen a better group of folks than Air Force pararescuemen that daily risk their lives, “So That Others May Live”.

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