You ARE the expert!

A question very recently posted on MilitaryAvenue Answers:

“Does anyone know anything about the housing on post (Or apartments near post)
at Letterkenny Depot in PA? Or the number to the housing office there? Thanks!”

Let’s say you signed up to be a MilitaryAvenue Answers Expert for Letterkenny Depot in Pennsylvania, perhaps as a Real Estate Agent or an apartment manager. You would have received a very short and sweet email letting you know there was someone looking for help in an area you are an expert. This is a potential new customer, an opportunity for *you* to welcome them to the neighborhood. You can leave your answer for them; something to the effect of “Here are my thoughts… and if you want some more information here is my phone number. ” You get the idea! You ARE the expert!

Take the opportunity to sign up as an Answers Expert. It only takes a moment or two. You can select your area installation(s) and any categories you know about. You won’t regret it!

Looking for more information on the program? Read on: An ‘Expert’, me?! Most certainly!

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