Part of the Pulse: Department of Defense (DoD) Roundtables

Have you been watching the news about Haiti? There is real devastation. Real needs. Real hopelessness.
Real help. Real hope. Real heroes.
As a team at MilitaryAvenue we have been very proud of our US Military and the aid they are providing to the people that need it. It has been an opportune time for us to continue our partnership with the Department of Defense (DoD) and get the word out about the aid that the military is providing, what they need, the obstacles they have run into. US Marines, US Sailors, US Airmen, US Soldiers, US Coast Guard. They are there amidst the rubble. We have been there to hear from the admirals, the generals, the doctors, those in command. Col. Dale Kissinger (USAF retired) has been focusing on the DoD Roundtables that he is personally invited to by the DoD two or three times A DAY.  Why? Because it is important to us that you, your neighbors, your customers, the military families in your community know what is going on.

Do you want to know more about what is happening in Haiti? What is happening in Afghanistan? Tune into our Military Family blog. We are proud to be a part of the pulse!

Department of Defense Roundtables and MilitaryAvenue

In my own civilian-neighborhood, far from any military-base, we have a Coast Guard (reserves) member that is off to Haiti. He had to leave his family with two days notice. His wife is a teacher with three young ones. Some deployments we get many months notice before saying good-bye, some only a few precious hours.  How about your neighborhood? Your community? Your customers? Who needs help? Get to know the military-families and you will be part of the aid they need!

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