Farmers Markets, Garage Sales, Crafts Shows… OH MY!

Spring will soon be upon us!  Sometimes that is hard to remember with still a couple of inches of snow on the ground here in northern-Ohio but my mind can QUICKLY take me to warmer weather; time outdoors; getting to know the community after the lazy days of winter!  To many military families Spring can mean getting out and getting to know their community for the FIRST time.

What is big in your community?  Farmers Markets?  Parades? Concerts in the Park? These are great events that military families WANT to know about!

It is really, I mean REALLY, easy to place an event on!
1.  Find your installation:  
Air Force  Army  Navy  Marines  Coast Guard

2.  Scroll down towards the bottom of the installation’s home page and click on “Let us know“:

3.  Fill out the fields (they are all required):

HINT: If you are looking for exposure for your own business: Blog about the event or write an article about it and place the information on your web-site.  Then when you are placing the event on MilitaryAvenue use your URL for the ‘Informational link’We trust you not to cheat though. We check all of the links, so be sure the link you are pointing to pertains directly to the event, though.  (BTW … when posting an informational link be sure to include ‘http://’ at the beginning.)
4.  Hit Submit.  We review all events to make sure they are true-events and not promotional ads.  After we approve – within 24 hours – it will be on that installations page!

5.  If your event is near more than one installation it is easy to replicate the event.  After you have ‘submitted’ you can change the installation to the next close-base and hit submit again.  All of the other information should still be there, and you can change some of it too if that makes the event more pertinent to that installation.

Wasn’t that easy?  Tell your local area-tourism offices or Chamber of Commerce about this handy way to get the word out, too.  (You could even just forward this blog to interested parties!) Your military families will thank you!  And so will the event-planners as they gain a greater turn-out.

– Leanne from

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