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I recently read about a ‘special promotion’ where a company will tweet business information to it’s military followers… the charge? Only $11.99 a week! YIKES! (You can’t make this stuff up … check-out their ad below.)

Do you know how much charges our Partners to tweet their QUALITY military discounts on Twitter AND post on Facebook? NOTHING! It’s part of being a partner. We work hand in hand with you to get the word out to the military-community. If you are offering a quality service at a discounted rate to our deserving military and families then know that we are going to help!

Free Tweets and Posts for quality discounts; Military Alerts (your company information) right to military-families’ e-mailboxes; your company information in various places on MilitaryAvenue. Wow, a Free Ad is a great deal! (And a First Class, Generals, and Featured Partner ads are even a GREATER deal!)

Why not get the word out to your colleagues? Tell them about MilitaryAvenue and the opportunities that await them!

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Note: Tweeting and posting your ad is at our discretion. Not all partners’ military-discounts are of the quality we would like to see. Those ads are not going to be tweeted or posted. HOWEVER, we would be happy to send you a list of what we would consider quality discounts! Let us know if you are interested in improving your discount so that it will be of the high-quality standards we like to see from our Partners. Hand-in-hand, we would like to work with you!Posted byLeanneonTuesday, May 18, 2010Labels:,,

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