“Did You Know?” The impact of online-advertising…

I recently ran across this video and thought our MilitaryAvenue Partners would enjoy it.  Take a moment (or two) to watch it and think about your advertising and the future of your business!

By the way … the message in the video is not new.  We have been touting the importance of reaching the mobile, fluid, military-community via the internet for quite some time.  But this is a great reminder, full of fun and interesting facts!

We know you that as a MilitaryAvenue Partner you want to be in touch with /this generation/; the mobile, the movers, and the in-touch.  Your business is on the Internet (find your business on via our Reward Finder)!  We share ads on Twitter and Facebook.  (Find out more: MilitaryAvenue Partners: Value Added … Tweet Tweet Post Post).  Don’t down-play your internet-advertising!  Your ad on is a big-deal.  It is the way that the military-community can find you.  It is the advertising-avenue of today and the future.

– The MilitaryAvenue Team

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