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I recently ran across this video and thought our MilitaryAvenue Partners would enjoy it.  Take a moment (or two) to watch it and think about your advertising and the future of your business!

By the way ... the message in the video is not new.  We have been touting the importance of reaching the mobile, fluid, military-community via the internet for quite some time.  But this is a great reminder, full of fun and interesting facts!

We know you that as a MilitaryAvenue Partner you want to be in touch with /this generation/; the mobile, the movers, and the in-touch.  Your business is on the Internet (find your business on MilitaryAvenue.com via our Reward Finder)!  We share ads on Twitter and Facebook.  (Find out more: MilitaryAvenue Partners: Value Added ... Tweet Tweet Post Post).  Don't down-play your internet-advertising!  Your ad on MilitaryAvenue.com is a big-deal.  It is the way that the military-community can find you.  It is the advertising-avenue of today and the future.

- The MilitaryAvenue Team

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