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We all have goals! That is what helps catapult a business to success. What is one of’s goals?: Reach the Military Community. We continue to succeeded; yet, we won’t ever take it off our list of goals because we want to reach EVERYONE and continue a relationship with our users in order that our Partners get the business exposure they deserve!
The military is a very fluid group and so as the word spreads YOUR business gets more exposure. The more families that sign up for Alerts in your area, the more they learn about you and what you have to offer. YET … what do the military-families want to see more of? Area Military Discounts! SO the more great-military incentives at one particular base or post the more military-families will continue coming back to the site. Pretty cool!

So help us spread the word so that you will benefit! Print up a sheet or two of these very simple business cards to hand out to local merchants; colleagues at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, folks you know in your office-building that deserve to gain the military-families’ trust, your golf-buddies or neighbors that have their own business.

PS: Some ways we have reached out to the military include (not in any way limited to) Facebook, Twitter, Military Alerts, Military Family Newsletters, Spouse Field Exercises, DoD Roundtables, Blog-Hops. . . We are in the trenches … and I tell you the list is just about endless. How are you reaching out today? MilitaryAvenue Partners, Thank you for including on your list!Posted byLeanneonWednesday, July 07, 2010Labels:,

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