Lions and Tigers and … Military Discounts at the zoo!

Part of a military family’s struggle to get acclimated to a new community is to know where to go to get off base or post.  Any PCS (move), reintegration (the time home right after a deployment) or even a trip back to the old stomping-grounds to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles… requires family-time.  What better way to spend time together then visiting a local reputable attraction.

My own family is spread out and we took the time this weekend to meet in a central spot – Toledo, Ohio.  Friday night the cousins (from 2 months old to 8 years old) had a great time together (there were a few pillow fights and some wonderful times in an indoor pool at the hotel).  The adults enjoyed watching the laughs and giggles of the younger generation as well as time sitting around catching up and reminiscing.  But Saturday we got out!  We all visited the local zoo, the Toledo Zoo.

What a wonderful way to spend time as a family!  AND what wonderful support the Toledo Zoo has for our military and families:

Active military personnel and retired veterans show your military ID at the admission gate and receive FREE admission. Immediate family members are eligible for the group rate discount. For family members of military personnel who are currently serving, please show your dependent card at the admission gate to be eligible for the group rate.

What about your local zoo.  Do they offer a military-discount?  Let them know they can advertise for free on  We want to get the word out for them in our Rest & Relaxation category ‘Zoos’.  We will give them the publicity they deserve for helping our military families!

– Leanne from

PS:  Is it time to update your Military Reward on  Perhaps you can give discount tickets to a local attraction or better yet give a military family season passes to the local zoo, museum or other attraction.  What a wonderful way to say “Thank you!” and help a military family get to know their new community!Posted byLeanneonMonday, October 25, 2010Labels:,

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