post-Veterans Day: A Call to Action

Yesterday morning, to celebrate Veterans Day, we sent out an email to all of our Veteran and Active Duty MilitaryAvenue Users.  The gist of the email is here.  We wanted to be sure that this very important group of people received a “Thank You for serving” in their email box first thing on their day.

Within moments of sending the card I had an email response:

Thank you for remembering, it is nice to be recognized.” – Alfred

and then they kept coming…

Thank you for your greeting. Although I have been retired for some time now, It would be a distinct pleasure & honor to do it all over again.  I just wish there was some small way I could serve my Country once more.” – Richard

Thanks for your remembering us.  My time in the United Stated Marine Corp. and the United States Army Reserves are a part of me that was a honor.  Once again thank you.” – Tom

and are still coming this morning…

“You’re welcome. Thank you to you, too!” – Tim

This isn’t all of them.  It is just a sample!

What a giving and selfless group of people!  Not only have Veterans given of themselves freely to serve our country but they are thanking ME for my Thank You to them!  Wow.

Did you know there are more than just a hand-full of ways for YOU to thank a veteran?  101 Ways to thank a Veteran  The list was a huge hit on Facebook and Twitter, passed around amongst friends, colleagues, family, groups, companies.  It reached thousands of people and we have the numbers to show it!

So now is the call to action!

25.Offer a Military Discount year round and include veterans. Don’t forget a Military Discount equals a free ad on MilitaryAvenue.com. Find out more: Why is a Military Discount Valuable for a Marketing Strategy

Do you offer a Military Discount year round? We don’t just give ‘Thanks’ on Thanksgiving; we do it year round. We aren’t thankful for our family only on Christmas; we are year round. We aren’t thankful to be a great country only on the 4th of July; we do it year round. We shouldn’t give thanks to our Veterans only on Veterans Day!

If you are a MilitaryAvenue.com Partner already, THANK YOU! Please let others know how they can ‘Thank our Veterans’.

If you haven’t signed-up yet become a MilitaryAvenue.com Partner today. You will be proud of thanking our military-families 365 days a year!

What did you do for your Veterans this year?  I’d love to hear about it!  ClearedJobsDotNet, a MilitaryAvenue Featured Partner, donated a “Cup of Joe” for each wall-post on their Facebook page that Thanked a Veteran.  What a simple way to Thank a Veteran and raise their brand awareness!  Tijuana Flats, near Eglin AFB, offered Veterans a free beer.  Rapid Car Wash gave free car washes! There were more great Veterans Day Deals from our Partners.  I cannot even begin to start to list them all…  So tell us what you did, and how you plan on continuing to serve those that have served us with honor!

– The MilitaryAvenue.com Team

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