MilitaryAvenue Partner Bulletins

We want you to be engaged with your local military-families! As you get to know their lifestyle, what is important to them, what changes are happening on post / base, you will find it easier to tailor your business-model to include their needs, then in turn, bring in new customers and keep current customers happy.

With this in mind, we are happy to introduce: "MilitaryAvenue Partner Bulletins". As we post articles on MilitaryAvenue.com for our military-families, we keep /you/ in mind, the businesses serving them. If there is an article you should read we will pass it along, titled MilitaryAvenue.com Bulletin. So be sure to add, leanne@militaryavenue.com to your email list. We look forward to serving you, the businesses that serve our military-families!

Not a partner yet? Why not? It is free if you offer a Military Discount!: http://militarymarketing.militaryavenue.com/2009/09/why-is-military-discount-valuable-for.html

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