Military Alerts – Your Ad meets The Military Community

On the first of every month Military Alerts is published to thousands of members of the military community around the country.

Do you know what your ad looks like in Alerts? Have you subscribed? If not, you should! It is important to see how your business is portrayed to the military community. Perhaps it will spark your creative juices and help you think of ways to improve your ad, improve your outreach to new customers.

Sign-up here: (This is different then your Business Partner Account!) During the sign-up process be sure to select your nearest-installation where your MilitaryAvenue Ad is located so that we know which ‘Alerts’ to send your way!

Service-members and spouses, the decision makers, are receiving their ‘Alerts’ every month. Be sure you are putting your best foot forward!

Want to learn more about Alerts? Read more from our ‘Marketing to the Military Blog’: Military Alerts Posted byonTuesday, February 01, 2011Labels:

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