Military Spouse Appreciation: Emily Boberg Courts, Dolphin Dance

Emily is a Navy Spouse who stands behind and with the military spouse!  Her company’s core values are something that we can all welcome.  Read through these goals and then get to know Emily, today’s Military Spouse of the day:

  • Embrace the beauty within themselves
  • Shed their fears
  • Make and attain goals
  • Learn trust in a safe space
  • Acknowledge and honor their strength
  • Build positive relationships with other women
  • Build a positive relationship with themselves

Your Name: Emily Boberg Courts

Your Company Name: Dolphin Dance

Quick description of your business: Exotic and Pole dance studio for women only

What is the best way to reach you?: Email or Phone  (You can find her information on

What Branch of Service does your spouse serve in: US Navy

What was your favorite place to live and why? Poulsbo, WA (while husband is stationed at Bangor).  Beautiful climate – although the winters are rainy and dark.  Topography also has great hills, which are a good challenge for runners, like me.  Beautiful views of Puget Sound and various mountain ranges.

What lesson as a military-spouse have you gained that has helped you in the business-world? Taking what comes, and not sweating the small stuff.

What do you most enjoy about your line of work now? Helping women have something positive to do for themselves, and helping women recognize that they are beautiful and strong.

How does your company support the military family? Military and dependent discount, contributions of gift certificates to various military fundraisers, and providing another female-based community for wives.

If you could send a message of encouragement to all of our military spouses what would you tell them? While the time apart from our husbands (or wives) are hard, the time that we get with them makes all of the challenges worthwhile.

Any last thoughts to share? Thank you to all of our service members and their support systems!

You can learn more about Dolphin Dance near Bangor Naval Base, MilitaryAvenue Partner Ad

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