Military Spouse Appreciation: Jada Brown of Callie Mae’s Hair Design

There is something to be said about looking good! It puts a spring in your step; it makes you feel more self-confident; it is encouragement down to your very core.  Meet our special guest Jada Brown, owner of Callie Mae’s Hair Design.  She is not only a hair-stylist but an encourager, supporter and military-spouse!

Callie Mae’s Hair Design24275 Sunnymead Blvd.Moreno Valley, CA 92553CONTACT INFORMATIONSalon: 951-247-3333  Direct Cell: 909-437-8266BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESSMy business is a family owned and operated business with a home like atmosphere.  It has been designed for the clients to visit us and feel as if they are at home and comfortable.We offer a relaxed professional full service menu specializing in Hair Extensions and Hair Weaving. With over 31 years in the industry we know what a client is looking for and cater to them at an affordable price.
WHAT BRANCH OF SERVICE DID YOUR SPOUSE SERVE INMy spouse served in the US Marine Corp E-7 GY SGT Service time was 2/4/74 until 12/31/94
WHAT LESSON AS A MILITARY-SPOUSE HAVE YOU GAINED THAT HAS HELPED YOU IN THE BUSINESS WORLDMilitary has helped me to focus on the follow through of a project to completion. I am able to focus and pay attention to detail and how to be attentive to the wants and needs of others.
WHAT DO YOU MOST ENJOY ABOUT YOUR LINE OF WORK NOWI most enjoy out of my work the before and after of a client that has been serviced in our salon. Many times clients will come in and maybe have a down day; we work to put the self-esteem in the highest position.
HOW DOES YOUR COMPANY SUPPORT THE MILITARY FAMILYWe offer a $20 discount to all military on any service we provide.We offer encouragement to all of the service men and women of active duty, always lifting up in prayer.
IF YOU COULD SEND A MESSAGE OF ENCOURAGEMENT TO ALL OF OUR MILITARY SPOUSES WHAT WOULD YOU TELL THEMAlways hold your head up and stand on God’s unchanging words. We are not alone. Nothing ever last forever, soon it will be over and that it is truly an honor to serve our country.
If you are stationed at Camp Pendleton near Moreno Valley,  California and looking for a hair-stylist, call Marine Corps wife, Jada Brown today: Callie Mae’s Hair Design.  I’m sure you will start to feel encouragement as soon as you make that call!

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