Month of the Military Child and The Community That Serves Them

“What we hear repeatedly from military kids is that they need people in their community to know what they’re going through.” – National Military Family Association

You are the community that can support our military-members and their children. As a MilitaryAvenue Partner we know that you hold the military family in high-regard. So what can you do to help the military child? Get to know them, collectively and individually. The National Military Family Association has created a great tool-kit that you can download for free. It has some fabulous tips that they devised by talking to military-kids. I think you will glean a lot of great information from it that you can apply to helping your military community: “Military Kids Tool-Kit

Another great way to Celebrate the Month of the Military Child: You can help the military-child by showing appreciation for the military family as a whole. Let them know you support their mom, their dad, their family. Here is an easy to do project that will accomplish just that:

“‘Like’ it for TIME” (LIFT) Announces “LIFT LINK LOVE,” A Worldwide Military Family Support Paper-Chain:

“LIFT invites links from everyone–military family members of service members or veterans, service members and veterans themselves, and anyone else who wants to “show the love” to military families. “This is by no means confined to the military community,” Tsetsi says. “In fact, I hope the links we receive from those with no military connection greatly surpass what we receive from people who know someone in the military. After all, ‘everyone else’ is 99% of the population. What a powerful message that would send.”

Perhaps you could involve your customers by sending the idea out in a business to customer newsletter. Or, better yet, if you have a waiting area set all the supplies needed for waiting-customers. You can collect the links and send them all at once. (Contact information can be found here: Involve your own children or community group. This is an easy way to say, “We stand behind the Military Family”.

Last but not least, as a MilitaryAvenue Partner, update your Military Reward to show that you appreciate the children of our military families. They serve too! Log in today and add a special gift or discount for the military-children of your customers:

If you want to read some articles from the Department of Defense, the MilitaryAvenue Team, and many more related to Month of the Military Child be sure to checkout this blog-post on our Family Blog: MilitaryAvenue Resource: Growing up in the MilitaryPosted byonTuesday, April 05, 2011Labels:,,,

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