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Recently we polled our Military Families as to what their favorite part of was.  They had a wide list of choices because, quite frankly, we have a lot to offer.  We were very eager to learn what was the most interesting to them.

We have our military-family blog, “Our Letters to You“; written by military-families for enjoyment, knowledge and empowerment.

Daily we post articles from the Department of Defense, the Commissary, Military OneSource, USAA, and other great resources for our military-families knowledge:

At each installation we have local information, phone numbers, social media sites, and much much more.  By the way, we are always looking for more local information to add.  If you are familiar with the area and want to tell our users a little more about it please send two or three paragraphs to so that we can share it with our families.

Military Answers is a great resource for military families.  Ask a question and other supporters will answer it.  Learn more: You ARE the expert!

Each month we publish our Military Family Newsletter to our subscribers.  Here is a quick glimpse at May’s: You can subscribe as well:

What was most valuable to all of our families polled?
Local Military Discounts.  That is you! Your business.  Your support for the military community.  Thank you, our military families have noticed.  Let’s keep our families visiting our site and learning more about the companies around them that support them.  Share with businesses in your area.  Print some of your own Military Discount coupons from to put next to your register.  Ask your customers if they have heard of  We are gaining momentum and we are thrilled.

So it’s more important then ever to keep your Ad updated.  Your ad is on as well as published in Military Alerts.  Potential customers are going to see what you have to offer; how you describe your business; and how much time you have taken to extend a virtual ‘hand-shake’ to say ‘We want to meet you’.  Make sure you are giving them a great first impression!

Update your ad today:
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