Military Spouse Appreciation: Colleen Bay and Her Hero, LLC

Flexibility is the name of the game; add in a dash of passion and a sprinkle of ‘go-get-em’ and you have the recipe for a woman with a heart for her business!  We are happy to introduce Colleen, a MilitaryAvenue Partner and more importantly and Army Spouse.  Read on to learn about her fabulous fashion-line and ways that she wants to support you, the military family.

Your Name: Colleen Bay            Your Company Name: Her Hero, LLCQuick description of your business: Her Hero is an online boutique where you will find one-of-a-kind creations for today’s military moms, spouses, daughters, sisters, and girlfriends. An exclusive shop featuring contemporary sweetheart jewelry designs, chic clothing, and unique gifts; all centered on military life. Hero Hero’s mission is simple…to give military spouses, moms, and sweethearts a fashionable way to showcase their pride.
What is the best way to reach you?:
What Branch of Service did your spouse serve in and when: US Army- EOD- current active duty
What do you most enjoy about the military lifestyle and why? Moving around with my family and getting closer to my family with each move.
What lesson as a military-spouse have you gained that has helped you in the business-world? It is what you make of it. Living in the middle of no-where KS can be the worst or best duty station…it is what you make of it. My business will thrive as long as I continue to cultivate it and treat it like a real business, not a hobby or past-time. It is what you make of it.
What do you most enjoy about your line of work now? Giving a way for fellow military spouses a way to showcase their pride or remember a fallen hero.
How does your company support the military family? My products provide military family members a fashionable way to their pride.
If you could send a message of encouragement to all of our military spouses what would you tell them? Believe in your dream and don’t ever feel sorry for yourself b/c you are a military spouse. Military spouses are the strongest most dedicated women I know and I am honored to call myself one.
Any last thoughts to share? Her Hero is continuing to grow and expand its product line. Please email me with any ideas, wants, or needs. Thank you for your support.

Learn more about Colleen and ‘Her Hero’ by heading to MilitaryAvenue: Partner Ad
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