Military Spouse Appreciation: Patty Jones, Little Pat Pat’s

Today’s spotlight is Patty Jones, a Navy Spouse and former Navy herself!  She is a new MilitaryAvenue Partner and we are thrilled to have her.  We value all of our MilitaryAvenue Partners because THEY value the Military Family.  Do you know a business that does the same?  Let them know about MilitaryAvenue.  They too can become a MilitaryAvenue Partner!

Your Name: Patty Jones

Your Company Name: Little Pat Pat’s

Quick description of your business: Unique and handmade gifts for baby’s and new moms, plus so much more!

What is the best way to reach you?: Via my etsy shop or email

What Branch of Service did your spouse serve in and when: I served in The Navy from 1995-2001 and my Husband has been serving in the Navy since 1993 and is currently stationed at NAS Oceana

What do you most enjoy about the military lifestyle and why? I love the opportunity to meet so many new and amazing people. Moving around so much we are exposed to so many wonderful people that I never would have had the chance to know if I had stayed buried under the snow in Upstate NY my whole life. My husband and I joke that there isn’t room in the pack out for many knick knacks, so we collect friends instead!

What lesson as a military-spouse have you gained that has helped you in the business-world? Initiative and drive. As a military spouse I need to be the one to get things done, I need to take risks and try new things. We spouses have to be able to assimilate quickly into new environments and that sometimes means jumping in with no net. In my business, it’s just me. I have to juggle running my household, taking car of my amazing little three year old, being a good wife and finding time to work and grow my business. If I don’t get something done…it won’t get done. I am in control and I find myself taking risks and applying my initiative and drive every day because I believe in my business and I am passionate about making it work.

What do you most enjoy about your line of work now? I love knowing what I make is more than just functional. I like to picture happy babies wrapped in one of my blankets or a sweet child hugging one of my stuffed owls. I strive to keep a very personal connection with my customers and as a result it is incredibly rewarding every time I them happy. My former job as an accountant didn’t offer me that same emotional connection and it is a dimension of my new business that I find the most fulfilling.

How does your company support the military family? My company supports the military family by offering quality products at extremely low prices compared to competitors. As a military spouse myself I am always looking for ways to stretch my money but not sacrifice value and quality and so every time I design something new I keep that in mind. I also submit my products on a regular basis to other military spouses as blog giveaways and fundraisers. I feel that the blogging community has become just as, if not more important of a connection between military spouses as our local groups, to help provide support for each other especially during deployments and I love to help out a fellow spouse!

Plus we are currently offering a discount to all service members and their spouses through this wonderful site and it’s is easy to access us worldwide through Facebook and the Internet.

If you could send a message of encouragement to all of our military spouses what would you tell them? We live a life that is hard for anyone who has not done it themselves to understand. So much of our everyday is determined by factors out of our hands that it can lead to feeling frustrated or insignificant and lonely. I have found that the best way to avoid that is to take control of the things I can. To find something that I was passionate about and then just do it. Dive in to something that makes you happy and that joy and fulfillment will bubble over into every other aspect of your life.

Any last thoughts to share? I have always dreamed of being my own boss but never thought it was really a possibility. Then one night last winter I showed a stuffed animal I had made for my daughter to some friends and they loved it. I tossed and turned all night wondering if I should take the risk.

The next day I had an online shop and made my first sale within the week. With hard work and the support of my family and friends I have turned that stuffed animal into a successful small business. Every day isn’t easy to balance everything on my plate but I go to bed happy to know that I am living my dream. I am so happy I took a risk on myself. I love to share my story and hope that it helps motivate other moms and women to follow their dreams because they really can come true.

You can learn more about Little Pat Pat’s at MilitaryAvenue Partner Ad

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