Getting the word out to the Military Community

I want to reiterate how thankful we are for our MilitaryAvenue Partners! You are the businesses and the communities that support our military and their families.  They need to know you stand behind them, beside them and with them.  (As a military spouse, I can tell you, that thought is from the heart!)

Your story, your discount, your support is a very important piece of the MilitaryAvenue story.  (I would say the most important part.)  The part that lets the military know about the support they can find in their community.  So how do we spread the word for you?

Military Discounts Page.  This is one of our most visited pages on  Military families find their branch, then their installation, and WA-LA! they have a page of businesses in their community that support them!

MilitaryAvenue Alerts.  Once a month, usually on the 1st, we send out a simple email to all of our subscribers with their local military discounts. **This includes your discount!** Your support for our military-families: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Military Discounts on Facebook.  Have you visited our new sister-page on Facebook?  Here we post the newest and most up to date Military Discounts.  We encourage you, as a MilitaryAvenue Partner, to introduce yourself on this page.  Let our growing Facebook community know about you and what you have to offer.  Thank them for their service.  Let them know you appreciate them.  With the right words and the right attitude you can have new customers.

New and Updated Discounts shared on Twitter:  We have been telling you about the benefit of social media for some time and Twitter is an important piece of it.   Each new and updated Military Discount or Incentive is sent out to MilitaryAvenue’s 5k+ Twitter-followers.  Each of those tweets is inevitably RTed (retweeted, sent out to others) to even more Twitter-folks.  The power of a great Military Discount, true military support, can be seen as it flows over the air-waves of social media!  

Our Monthly Military Family Newsletter.  Each month we send  our Military Family Newsletter to our 12,000+ and growing subscribers.  In that newsletter is a link to our ‘Military Rewards’ page.  It is one of the most popular clicked through links each and every month.  You can subscribe today:

We are happy to share with our military families everything that you are doing for them!  Now would you share this with your business-community? “Tell Your Story!

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