The Gift of a Military Discount

I just returned from one of my new favorite local businesses, Taylor Rental in Avon, Ohio.  My husband and I decided to rent a paint sprayer to paint our aging deck.  It is an every third year project for us and one we don’t look forward to.  (In fact, the last time it was done my husband was in Iraq and my mom, dad and I did it.  Clever way to get out of it there, hun.)  Our time has become more and more valuable over the years and spraying the paint onto the deck followed by a quick rolling job sounded like a great option to an otherwise three or four day project.

But what makes Taylor Rentals my new favorite, you may ask?

After a few phone calls with their helpful staff trying to narrow down exactly what we needed we walked in to their store, baby in tow.  The gal at the front desk wore a smile as a permanent accessory to a great store-front.  She smiled with my 10-month old.  Told us exactly what we needed to do, swing around back to pick up our equipment.  She set expectations and was upfront with their cleaning-charge.  Explained the charges and then asked for our credit card.

As my husband, a National Guard soldier, opened up his wallet she must have seen the flash of his Military ID.  Without a second thought she asked if he was in the service and he replied, “Yes”.  She quickly added Taylor Rental offers a 10% Military Discount and took it right off the bill.  Just like that.

We didn’t ask.  We didn’t expect it.  It was just a gift.
Do you take the time to listen to your customers, interact with them, treat them as more then just a transaction?  If you do expect them to come back!  I know we will.
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