Giveaway-Extravaganza – We NEED You!

We want to introduce you to the military-community in a fun and exciting way this summer!  Be a part of our Giveaway-Extravaganza when “Our Letters to You“, MilitaryAvenue’s award-winning Military-Family Blog hits 1,000 posts.  (That’s a lot of writing, a lot of readers and a lot of military-family face time!)  This is a great opportunity for you, the MilitaryAvenue Partner.

What are we looking for: A gift around $25 to $50 that we will give to a military family.  It has to be a national gift.  As an example, a $50 Visa Card, or a $25 gift-card to military-family stores like AAFES.  If you have the budget you can contribute an iPad or GPS, for example.  If you are a national business or have a web based business you can send them your product as a gift.  You can include a business card or pamphlet as well with your prize!  These families are not going to forget your generosity.  (BTW $25 to $50 is the suggested value but you can spend what you feel is appropriate.)  The limits are endless…

Great reasons to contribute: your logo on our blog,  your company tweeted to all of our followers, you will be mentioned in our Facebook posts, and #1 reason, our Military Families will be richly rewarded by your generosity, and I think they deserve it.

I can’t say when exactly we will hit 1,000 blogs but it will be this summer, earlier then later.  If you are interested, and we hope you are, please contact Leanne at before July 1st. 

I will let you know where to send the gift to so that we can get it out to our military family winners during a highly-anticipated and publicized give away.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you for your continued military-support.

PS: Would your corporate offices like to be involved? Please feel free to forward this to them!  Let them know we are a company you stand behind and MilitaryAvenue will be sure to get your brand out to the military-community.Posted byonWednesday, June 08, 2011Labels:,

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