SHE Serves, too

The female-soldier, sailor, marine or airmen.  It is a growing population, despite our US Military size shrinking.  (See last week's 'Active Duty Military Population').  When marketing to your customers don't forget this very important member of our US Military. Get to know your customers ...

U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Ashley Taylor checks the signals on a
satellite receiver/transmitter July 7, 2011, at Hurlburt Field, Fla. Taylor is a
mission systems journeyman assigned to the 1st Special Operations
Component Maintenance Squadron.
(U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Joe McFadden)
Women comprise 200,888 or 14.3 percent of the DoD Active Duty force. The percentage of women in the Active Duty population is greater in 2009 than it was in 1990 (from 11.5% of officers and 10.9% of enlisted in 1990, to 15.5% of officers and 14.1% of enlisted members in 2009). Overall, the number and ratio of female officers (35,611) to female enlisted (165,277) is one female officer for every 4.6 female enlisted members. This ratio varies across the military Services with the Army retaining one female officer for every 4.1 female enlisted personnel, the Air Force retaining one female officer for every 4.3 female enlisted personnel, the Navy retaining one female officer for every 5.3 female enlisted personnel, and the Marine Corps retaining one female officer for every 9.7 female enlisted personnel.

Source: 2009 Demographic Report as published by the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Military Community and Family Policy).

Thank You!

Thank you to USAA, Sitter City, Home Depot, Sears, Army Wife Network, Homes for Heroes and Dee Ramsay Burnett of Prudential Network Realty.  Without you and the support you have for our military and their families we wouldn't have been able to have such a wonderful giveaway earlier this month, One Thousand Posts - Let's Celebrate!  

MilitaryAvenue Partners, This giveaway was such a success that I would love to do another drawing soon.  My thoughts on a Veterans Day giveaway follow some very kind Thank You notes from some of our winners.  So please read through if you are interested in participating and thanking our Veterans with a gift.

To My Friends at USAA,
I just wanted to send out a huge thank you for sponsoring the recent contest for, a company that supports our military family with so much great information and guidance.  I am one of the winners of the pendant and it is beautiful!  We love USAA already, after having insurance and banking with you all for over 13 years, we couldn’t ask for more.  Your friendly staff, your great products, and your ability to handle your business so that we don’t need to worry about our money is such a gift and we are grateful for it, especially in the times as they are now, knowing we can rely on your company to do what is right. Thank you for the last 13 years, for the beautiful gift, for your support of institutions like that support us when we need it most, and for your support of military families across the globe…here’s to so many more.
Gratefully Yours,
(Proud Marine veteran and military wife for 15 years)

I wanted to thank you again for your Giveaway Extravaganza and of course all the ways you help the military folks. I got my $20 Gift Card from Sitter City today and was so excited. I love getting goodies in the mail! I had never been to their website before and it was very neat to check out.  My daughter is getting to an age where having a reliable babysitter might be nice sometimes when friends aren't available. I'll be sure to pass along the site to my friends, too. Please pass on my thank you to the kind people at Sitter City.  I appreciate their generosity. :) I plan to put my $20 gift card in a safe spot in my purse and pull it out on a day that I just want or need something special for myself like a manicure or something. Maybe I'll get one done for the Khaki Ball! Whatever I do, I'll think about y'all (Military Avenue and Sitter City) and enjoy it. So, thanks again!


Thank you USAA for this wonderful gift. We found out the week of our 16th wedding anniversary that we won and can't wait to do something romantic and fun with it. What a treat to be able to spend a great date night with my husband and not even have to work it into the budget! Thank you so much for the gift card and the great services your bank offers. We LOVE USAA and the AWESOME customer service we always receive!

Thank you,

I won a gift card from Sittercity. I plan to use it for a date night with my husband- coincidentally, using a babysitter that we are finding via Sittercity! I have been using the service for a year and a half and it is so wonderful that military families get a free membership. We just moved to a new area and I don't know how else I would be able to find a reliable babysitter.

Thanks again,

Would love to thank SitterCity for being so gracious and sponsoring this giveaway. It is greatly appreciated! - Michelle

Thank you so much for the great gift package of Army Wives materials. My son loves the tattoos and the book looks very interesting. I look forward to reading it and then passing it on to another Army Wife to enjoy. The included cd is amazing too! I also plan to view the "New Spouse Orientation". Although I am not a new wife, I'm curious of the information they include. I will also be passing that on to new Army Wife so she can be encouraged with the information as well.

Again thank you. It was such a surprise to win something and even more fun to receive it in the mail and not know what it was! I had a Christmas in August! Thank you!!! - Dana

I was so appreciative of my $100 visa gift card [from Homes for our Heroes]! I splurged on a new tote bag and am waiting to spend the rest when my husband comes home on his RnR! Probably just on movie rentals or a nice dinner out, but I'm so excited to have just a little extra during our two weeks together! - Aprille

I won one of the gift cards from Sitter City and I'm planning to use it for breakfast with my husband one weekend. We have six kids, so breakfast may just be coffee, but we'll enjoy it. Thank you! - Heather

That is a whole lot of appreciation from the heart!  Thank you again to all of our Giveaway Extravaganza sponsors.  Your gifts made this Army Spouse very proud.

To our MilitaryAvenue Partners: I would love to do something for our Veterans and families for Veterans Day, November 11, 2011.  If you are interested in donating a gift please let me know,  We had so much success with this giveaway that I know your gift, like a Visa Cash card or another universal gift would be very well received and then *you* may just be the next company to receive such a warm and appreciative Thank You!

Active Duty Military Population

Last week we learned that there are 3.6 million members in our US Military but have you ever wondered what branches they serve in?  Get to know your customers...

Active Duty: Member Highlights
Service Branches

"Taking aim." Army Spc. Paul M. Cattorn, a squad automatic weapon
machine gunner assigned to Company C, 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry
Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, Task Force
Storm, provides security for Afghan National Security Forces.
The Army has the largest number of Active Duty members (549,015) followed by the Air Force (328,847), the Navy (324,239), and the Marine Corps (203,075). There are also 42,426 Active Duty members of the DHS’s Coast Guard. At a total of 1,447,602 DoD Active Duty and DHS Coast Guard Service members, the military force of 2009 is 29.9 percent smaller than it was in 1990 (when there were 2,065,597 Active Duty members).

The percentage change in the number of DoD Active Duty members in each Service branch compared to 1990 has varied significantly. Compared to 1990, the Coast Guard and Marine Corps have increased 16.9 percent and 3.4 percent, respectively. Conversely, the number of Active Duty members is lower in 2009 compared to 1990 for the Army (24.6%), Navy (43.5%), and Air Force (38.1%).

Note that our Military Population is smaller since 9/11/01 and yet with such greater job demands.  What can you do today to thank a Military Member for their diligence?

Source: 2009 Demographic Report as published by the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Military Community and Family Policy).

How large is our Military Population?

Your customers live all around the world. They may be across the country now but moving to your area soon. They may be a part of the National Guard or Reserves and travel to your area on Drill or Reserve weekends.  They may be the next customer to walk through your door.  Do you know how large our US Military Force is? Get to know your customers...

The total number of military personnel is over 3.6 million strong, including DoD Active Duty military personnel (1,405,176); DHS’s Active Duty Coast Guard members (42,426); DoD Ready Reserve and DHS Coast Guard Reserve members (1,079,627); members of the Retired Reserve (220,645) and Standby Reserve (25,808), and DoD appropriated and nonappropriated-fund civilian personnel (882,674).

DoD’s Active Duty and DHS’s Coast Guard Active Duty members comprise the largest portion of the military force (39.6%), followed by Ready Reserve members (29.5%) and DoD civilian personnel (24.2%).

Source: 2009 Demographic Report as published by the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Military Community and Family Policy).

What Does Your Ad Say to Military Consumers?

We have some great military supporters on MilitaryAvenue! In fact, our MilitaryAvenue Partners are the best! You are part of an elite group of business patriots! Congratulations!

Now the next step: What are you telling your military audience as a Partner? That you support them during wartime? That your ad demonstrates your willingness to recognize their sacrifice? Does it show you are professional, your service or product is worth spending their combat earned dollars on?

Let’s take a look at two ads. First is an example of an ad that needs more information to create interest. The second provides more information and will draw folks to read more and find out who you are and what you are providing.

There is space for your business profile, your contact information, credentials, number of years in business, certifications/affiliations, business hours, your website/phone number for the Military Reward coupon, the Military Reward coupon and more! Many ways for you to tell a military community member why they should contact you, visit you online or in your store! Think about how you choose a company to conduct business with and open the door to your military community.

We place your ad(s) in two places on the site at each military installation (in its category and in the Military Rewards area), place them on MilitaryAvenue's Military Discounts Facebook, Tweet them on twitter accounts and send out a monthly email (Alerts) to followers at your installation(s). We are reaching out with your message! What it says is up to you!  Here is a second ad, please compare it for its marketing appeal and information for our readers/followers:

The profile is filled, you know where they serve and the information has obviously been well thought out and presented.  Notice how they reach out to the military community with their comment "We are eager to serve our Military neighbors..." They also have their logo on their ad for visual appeal!

Would you like to read more on how to edit your ad?  Please go to our Welcome page for specific directions on how to edit!

PS:  Please join us at Businesses That Support Our Troops on Facebook. It is a group forum that allows you to connect, find out new ideas (like these) from other businesses that are making it with the military community and much more! We just started, be among the initial members to join.

Businesses that Support Our Troops

Collaboration. Networking. Inspiration.

What works, what doesn't?  Start to network with businesses around the country that support our service-members and families.  Share your discount, your events, your ideas.  Ask questions, involve those who have been there and done that, become an advocate for your community.  Join us today:

Businesses that Support Our Troops

Put a Face on Your Ad! Fall Kickoff and Back To School Special for MilitaryAvenue Partners

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We are excited!  We are featuring a Giveaway Extravaganza for our military community after posting 1,000 blogs for them!  Gifts worth $$$$ to the military community from our friends - that includes you!  Now we are returning the favor to you!  Remember we are all about discounts!  We want you to reach out to the military community with a Fall Kickoff, Back to School Special with a reduced price for upgrades to your ads!  Put a face to your ad to the new folks in your neighborhood!  Add a hot link with a click of a mouse to your website (we hope it features a welcome for military personnel) and be placed above the free ads!

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Close the deal! Reach out to the young
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Any questions or problems please give us a call at 616 855 4134 or toll free 877 425 9992!  If you prefer email send questions to us at or  

We can't wait to share your image, your business, your website with the military-community!

Don't Wait!  This offer will end on September 30th!

A Reason to Go Back! Thank You Gazelle Sports!

Sifting through my mail I was shocked to find a post card from Gazelle Sports!

I just had a great experience with a business! I will be going back!

Thank You Card Received by the Author
How do you get your customers to return? How do your customers find you? Have you targeted the military community around your post, base, station, camp lately! Do they feel welcome? Appreciated?

First, I am a cancer survivor with a foot that has had two surgeries and a leg that had one surgery. Both have special requirements: shoes for the foot and bike type shorts for the leg. So one of my doctors recommended Gazelle Sports in Grand Rapids and I took his recommendation. I felt appreciated and cared about at this company!

The customer service was fantastic with personal service and the sales personnel paid attention to detail, answered questions and did not hype sales of other products. But they did point out other products that might be helpful. Is your sales staff knowledgeable of your products? I was impressed with the help I received while fitting the shoes (bought two pairs) and the recommendations for a leg fitting pair of shorts was right on the money!

The military community recognizes that kind of service and will recommend you to other service members and their families! How do you treat them?

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